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oh man i love the idea of a daily drunk tank!
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Dan, love that you're an old game player. One adventure puzzle game I played on the Mac centuries ago was The Fool's Errand by Miles Computing. For the time (b/w graphics), ground-breaking A bunch of fellow varsity students gathered around a Mac SE30 for a weekend AROUND THE CLOCK to solve the game. I worked out that it took 56 manhours to crack.

I still play Marathon TC's and Myth. Great computer-based Bungie games.
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THECIA Sponsor
many many drunk tanks =)
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Drunk Tank with Dan?


#34  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
StephanieJ Sponsor
Geoff: How is clapping every time spontaneous?
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gijesus Sponsor
I'm OD-ing on Drunk Tank right now
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yea u all should do a video podcast it would definitely be entertaining
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Yay NigeriaMart!

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Been looking forward to this since the last one

In reply to Asterus, #18:
Sometimes in the end he instead says TTFN (TaTa For Now)

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doobyschmo Sponsor
LOL something is all up in Nigeria's grills.

25 minutes that is so short, but 5 in a week, its like christmas every day except less presents and less food but still DRUNKTANK
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Wow! Three consecutive podcasts? AWESOMMMEEE!!!
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iamalanwelch Shizno
OMG What have I missed? They are putting them on all week now? That's alright. Pretty short one this time.
#42  Posted 5 years ago
I have the GB LP on purple as well!!!!!!
#43  Posted 5 years ago
You probably have heard this countless times since yesterday but you unlock the grunt birthday skull when you beat campaign. I got it on my first run through on normal just to see what its like and grunt birthday makes legendary seem bearable.
#44  Posted 5 years ago
Wow...after listening to this podcast, I am...kinda....

Reeeeeeeeeeeally Disappointed, did you guys just not wanna do one this week ? I mean I get it, your busy, got lives, the whole 9 yards...but wow...kinda sucked...please don't have Geoff or Gus hurt me.
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Action_Jack Sponsor
Gus, "Grunt Birthday Party" is a skull I never turn off. I won't play a Firefight or Campaign mode without "Grunt Birthday Party" turned on (maybe a slight exaggeration). It just brings so much joy to each Grunt headshot.

Great podcast guys, I'm enjoying the full week of podcasts.

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Having a podcast every day is great! And I could get used to the guest star thing! Great goin guys!
#47  Posted 5 years ago
The Gaslight Anthem is fucking sick. Go Dan.
#48  Posted 5 years ago
is that donut? =)
#49  Posted 5 years ago
TheBoiWonder Sponsor
Hooray! They used my theme song! :)
#50  Posted 5 years ago
The reason you have to be more communicative while playing ODST multiplayer is because you have no radar... that is so hard to get used to! I never know where my bud is.
#51  Posted 5 years ago
fluffnight used money
Heard this morning on radio that 52% of fathers (in either Canada or BC, not sure) admit to pretending to be asleep when their baby's crying at night.
#52  Posted 5 years ago
seriously though if nigera is so pissed about that commercial. they should stop those emails i get soo many of them in my spam folder and se them all over the web. otherwise sweet podcast
#53  Posted 5 years ago
Wednesday pocast is the funniest so far

#54  Posted 4 years ago
Another one down, more to go
#55  Posted 3 years ago
I don't think Gus will ever play Sindicate.
#56  Posted 3 years ago
Is Gus still selling that Ipod? I'll give him 25 dollars and a pair of headphones
#57  Posted 2 years ago
Dan is so awesome! Shame he isn't around on the community any more :L
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Beeimus Art Maker
The Red Team Podcast
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