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So I just realized that the drunk tank makes me feel like a stalker. When it was weekly, I'd kind of know what Rooster Teeth was up to, but when they were talking about the ODST launch party, I though "Oh yeah, I remember them talking about that...2 days ago."

I've yet to decide if this is a good or bad thing. But Drunk Tank everyday will always be a good thing.
#31  Posted 5 years ago
Awww Gav leaving? So who will be the center of conflict on the Podcasts?

I would rather you guys went back to one a week for the podcasts. Last thing I think we'd want is you guys to be at each others throats because of too many podcasts in one week! Besides, an hour and a half really makes the work day fly by versus 25 minutes which only delays it for a while.

Loooove having found these podcasts though, regardless of length. Just fun listening in.
#32  Posted 5 years ago
I'm really glad my brain wondered off just long enough to apparently miss a lil ODST spoiler...Cause I'm very poor and sad and can't get it for another few weeks.
#33  Posted 5 years ago
Happy Birthday Millie!
#34  Posted 5 years ago
StephanieJ Sponsor
1) Yeah, I've never played D&D, but I would agree that it never went out - I know crazy amounts of people who play. 2) I got the limit joke and the xkcd comic... which is more about analytical thinking versus love than knowing math. 3) Poor Burnie, going through 360 withdrawl. Maybe he needs to take up heroin? 4) I want Dan being Dan! I fully support secretly miking him. Someone should draw up the plans. 4) Happy Birthday, Millie!

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#35  Posted 5 years ago
cyphrex Sponsor
Haha after hearing Burnie saying he needs to leave, my first thought was BURNIE SMASH! loved the Alexander Graham Bell joke in the screaming.

I do like the daily DT, but overall I think the Weekly version works better.

Happy Birthday Millie!
#36  Posted 5 years ago
yeah...got the limit one. Coding Matlab right now.

So much anger in this podcast....Dead Rising....it brings the yelling and I have to rush to turn down my speakers. Thanks for not normalizing the auidio lol.
#37  Posted 5 years ago
The last Podcast I listened to was 23, how the hell are we now on 27. But I clicked on 26 on the Home Page, what the hell is wrong
#38  Posted 5 years ago
13rockman Zachary
Another awsome podcast! Great job RT!
#39  Posted 5 years ago
LtRommel Sponsor
I know nostalgic PC gaming is not for everyone, but note to Dan and Gus- you can try DOSBox. It is a Windows/Unix friendly program that emulates the Intel x86 processor, I/O drivers, and MS-DOS or PC-DOS shell. A lot of VERY old games (provided you still have the disk) work well with it.
#40  Posted 5 years ago
Zombie Cat = Pet Cemetery. That is all.
#41  Posted 5 years ago
I refer to the EMP as the "Technicolor Loogie", or paraphrase Church, "Like somebody threw up and decided to call it a building."
#42  Posted 5 years ago
I think it's cool that you guys did this, one a day, but like you all pointed out, it's a lot of work. It makes them available for iphone download, but waking up knowing that you have to edit, convert, and upload another podcast just like yesterday, I can see where it would get old fast.

And, unless someone comes back from Seattle every day, or something big happens, conversation topics might start to pan out. If you guys can pull it off, more power to ya. If one-a-day never happens again, I can see that too.
#43  Posted 5 years ago
Synbuick Sponsor
I have to say I have always wanted to play the paper version or board game version of dungeons and Dragons :)
#44  Posted 5 years ago
We're going to miss you Gav. Gus yelling at you is always hilarious
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BigVig Sponsor
Cool stuff.

I've enjoyed the more frequent podcasts.

Any chance you guys will try to move to more frequent releases of the podcasts? Say two or three a week?
#46  Posted 5 years ago
Lets hear it
#47  Posted 5 years ago
Thanks for suffering through podcasts every day for us Gus.

Gav, I'm going to miss your dirty British accent

Bernie... I was going to try to make it out to comic-con or PAX next year to see you guys but... now I'm too scared...

i rt

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#48  Posted 5 years ago
What about Pet Semetary for cat zombies?
#49  Posted 5 years ago
tucker0993 Sponsor
Happy Birthday Millie!!!
#50  Posted 5 years ago
BigVig Sponsor
This podcast was like deja vu.
Have you ever snored...

...so loud, you've woken yourself up?

Just me?

#51  Posted 5 years ago
This is one of the few podcasts that's getting better over time.
#52  Posted 5 years ago
I have never laughed as hard in my life as when Burnie starting flipping out. I can't believe how quickly it escalated........and just so you know, the points don't matter.

#53  Posted 5 years ago
asylumreject Sponsor
I liked how you guys mentioned Kurzweil and his prediction for the future. I actually read his book The Singularity is Near for a report for one of my classes, it is seriously an interesting read. Though it kinda makes you think of all the pessimistic robot apocalypse. Though he is optimistic about future technology and their uses.

But overall I am really enjoying having DT every day. It is going to suck going back to one day a week.
And not having Gav for shorts/rvb/podcast is going to suck.

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2 Things:

!) I fucking died when Burnie exploded over the phone.

"What is with the fuckin phone! Throw it outta the Goddamn office!"
"Don't take the battery out just get rid of it or turn off the fuckin ringer; take the battery out.

"Just turn off the ringer! It's a fucking button push it. You don't have to invent a time machine and go back and kill Alexander Graham Bell! Just fucking turn off the god damn phone!"

By far the greatest DT moment to date.

2) In case Gus didn't explain that comic I think it means that math, the author's normal approach, is useless in love.
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@ the cigarette conversation
cigarette's are kind of like cookies unless som1 is a bad cook: homemade is better than store bought. If you get some actually tobacco and roll it in tobacco rolling paper its great
#56  Posted 5 years ago
wiat whrere i post my song :|?
#57  Posted 5 years ago
Romero talks about regretting not putting zombie animals into Land of the Dead in the film commentary. According to the master of the undead, cats can be zombies.
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#59  Posted 5 years ago
Cyh Sponsor
In calc there was an equation you can use to draw out a heart on a graph --I'm pretty sure it was trig-related...my brain is screaming just thinking about it.

...And is it just me, or are people about ten times funnier when they're angry? I had to relearn how to breathe!

Keep up the awesomeness, guys!!!! Now everyday is a good day!
#60  Posted 5 years ago
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