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StephanieJ Sponsor
You know, I think trading Gav for Joel would be a good thing. Jack has a better than good voice, he has a great voice - easy like Sunday morning. I would pay for a "book on tape" if Jack read it. I adore his voice - it's dreamy. Burnie, you're waiting on a video game that doesn't teach music at all... to introduce your kids to instruments? Don't get me wrong, I'm totally down with Lego Rock Band, but you worded that... interestingly. I agree Woody is at the same level he has always been at. I think you can't generalize an entire gender... like you always do, Burnie... so stop. Seriously. I have no tv either Geoff! I haven't had it for three years. I don't even have all that fancy streaming stuff ... Alright, Gavin, you're on the sexist shitlist now too. I'm about to get all ranty. You're lucky Burnie tried to save you. Yes, genetically it is ok to reproduce with a cousin. Genetically incest doesn't create as big of an impact as society would have you believe. I wouldn't suggest it, but to each their own. Also, in other cultures certain cousins are off limits. Paternal cousins are ok, but not maternal, etc. etc.

The bizzare Drunk Tanks are the best Drunk Tanks.
#151  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to la1366, #45:

I'm sorry, but that's not really right. If you know what a punnet square is, you'd see where you went wrong. this guy ---> In reply to siegemachine, #60: got it right. There may never be a family history of any type of disease (let's just say Cystic Fibrosis, since it's been used) because all along, the family has only been carriers, but when two carriers reproduce, the chance is much higher of offspring being positive for both genes. And actually, if a family and non-family reproduce (carrier and non-carrier), there's no chance at all the child will have the disease, only a chance of the child being a carrier.

#152  Posted 5 years ago
Marksman_91 Sponsor
So LONG, so LONG, so LONG! And THANKS... for all the Brit!

It's sad that this is Gav's last Drunk Tank. Have a good trip back home, buddy!
#153  Posted 5 years ago
that photosynth shit rocks it's fucking cool
#154  Posted 5 years ago
Brad Swatactus
it would be really cool if you could add a download to the drunktank intros some are really cool
#155  Posted 5 years ago
zeel01 Time Lord
from urban dictionary:

headlight fluid

1.something that you send a newbie to go get when you don't want them around or are initiating them, ususally into a club or group.
"hey rookie, go get some headlight fluid and elbow grease at the store"
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newbie hedlight fluid initiation scram red vs blue
by laidbackguy Dec 28, 2005 share this
2. headlight fluid 8 up, 81 down love it hate it

2.The sweat origaniating from a female's breast, usually during sex.
man she was soaked in headlight fluid last night!!
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boob sweat sex boob juice body sweat woman juice
by LaidBackGuy1988 Dec 6, 2005 share this
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zeel01 Time Lord
#157  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Zing!
L4D2 has been banned in Australia because we have no R rating, because Michael Atkinson won't allow an R rating because children could apparently get their hands on the content
#158  Posted 5 years ago
Australian game ratings only go to MA 15+ and not R 18, so we cannot get more adult games that Americans can get
#159  Posted 5 years ago
I can waste hours just watching that zombie infection simulation or playing L4KD: first play score of 221, not sure if thats good or not but i dont give a shit
#160  Posted 5 years ago
Ah Gavin...hopefully Jack replaces you...Geoff AND Gus Seem to like picking on him.

I love these things so much, they keep getting better too, I learn stuff from it(Like Gavin being an idiot) and get to see the insight of the creators of one of my favorite internet things. Can't wait til the Day after Brutal Legend, I will ride around the plains listening to you guys argue...keep em' coming.
#161  Posted 5 years ago
Someone should put up the entire firefight videos, but in short segments. sure the one out right now is really funny, but i think it would be funny to see all of it. but then again maybe im wrong
#162  Posted 5 years ago
I just wanted to bring up the idea that with all these games straight to download. wouldnt that in turn eliminate the ESRB rating because stores would have no way of denying the person from buying a game. The parents may not let the kid or teenager buy it, but still.
#163  Posted 5 years ago
MotherFagott Sponsor
For the record, Australia's DVD region is not the same as Japan (UNFORTUNATELY!!! Otherwise we'd get more DVDs!), we're region 4. Also I think America is region 1, because any DVDs I've bought from America say that. Thank god I have a multi region DVD player.

And yes Australia knows that we have a stuffed up games rating system. I swear they don't know what they're doing most of the time.
#164  Posted 5 years ago
Just a quick note, the last major airplace crash in America would have been the Continental Flight 3407 about a week or two after the place crash in the hudson.

#165  Posted 5 years ago
gus Cast & Crew
In reply to BigRed8485, #165:
Just a quick note, the last major airplace crash in America would have been the Continental Flight 3407 about a week or two after the place crash in the hudson.


That's a commuter plane. We made the claim saying not counting commuter planes.
#166  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to gus, #166:

Okay, gotcha. I went back and relistened and caught Burnie saying "some commuter planes have gone down." When something like hits close to home, especially something here in Buffalo and that's all you here about for the next 2 weeks. It seems pretty huge. Sorry for the confusion.
#167  Posted 5 years ago
hahaha Gus... You DO realise Jerusalem has a lot of people there from Jewish, Muslim and Christians? Pretty sure there are people there who celebrate Christmas
#168  Posted 5 years ago
aboosecay The Annoying
i like the video game podcasts alot more when you guys are losing. and it doesn't jump around.
#169  Posted 5 years ago
Do you guys get payed by our government for talking about sweden??=) sweden rules
#170  Posted 5 years ago
pyrotec15 Red 5
OMG!!! Gav you are funny as hell...listening to this podcast almost made me wet my pants...and me coming from Australia we are not allowed Left 4 Dead 2 because we don't have an R18+ rating for video games so anything that would get an R18+ rating just isn't sold.

But now we are getting a censored version of Left 4 Dead 2.

Thanks guys
#171  Posted 5 years ago
NOELEVEN529 Sponsor
I'm so glad I listened to this after I saw the episode so that I didn't get a joke spoiled.
#172  Posted 5 years ago
That was the funniest podcast ever. Of all time.
#173  Posted 5 years ago
Heyy... i know im a bit late :P but.... HEADLIGHT FLUID!? lmfao!!! i dont know i just had to say that that really made my day.
Thank you Gavin! =]
#174  Posted 5 years ago
I was re-listening to the podcasts and 2 days ago I saw the racism thing. Once they said Waco I was saying "Holy shit, the RT guys were talking about this."
I think the show was "What would you do?" or something like that.
#175  Posted 4 years ago
Gavin should have said "I'll change Griffins mind"
#176  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 1 Lame
Hey I'd just like to say that I could give Dan and Jason a run for their money about how good they are with kids.
#177  Posted 4 years ago
this is by far one of my favorite podcasts. couldn't stop laughing! that reminds me i have to go top off my headlight fluid lol

i love you gavin
#178  Posted 4 years ago
I seriously gonna miss everyone yelling at Gavin.
#179  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Poor Gavin. givin him such a hard time
#180  Posted 4 years ago
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