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Hey guys, you were talking about DnD and it coming back, im gonna be honest here, im 14. about 6 months ago i got invited to join a group. I did all the stuff to make my character and got my class and dietys and all that shit done i even spent $60 dollars on books. Then my parents said i couldnt play because it was to nerdy. lol so but yeah it is coming back even a few chicks wanted to play DnD but my parents didnt believe me. so just letting yall know its even getting to us younger people.
#91  Posted 5 years ago
TG23 Sponsor
Stuff like "Me and [Name]" or "[Name] and Me" are accepted phrasings now. Or sentencing structures or whatever the that's called. They've been deemed to make more sense and generally more natural sounding then "[Name] and I" or "I and [Name]" or at the least is acceptable as "blank and I" on spoken terms. Unless you work at the New York Times... then it's always "Blank and I".
#92  Posted 5 years ago
kaori6 RTX Bound
Whoa! Thanks for actually drinking! BTW, I love the grammar corrections, very HOT.
#93  Posted 5 years ago
CamperKiller Sponsor
I love the little homage to "The Big Lebowski".
Nice one Gus! :-)
#94  Posted 5 years ago
Enemies spawn in your butt!
#95  Posted 5 years ago
cant wait for Modern Warfare 2! hopefully i can play with some of you guys!
#96  Posted 5 years ago
Tropes FutureTexan
Thank you Jack, you make me feel much better about living at home with my parents as a 20 year old student.
#97  Posted 5 years ago
StephanieJ Sponsor
Jack, they're probably picking on you because they're jealous of your voice. Next, Stranger Than Fiction is a fantastic movie. I don't know if I've ever come across someone else who's even seen it. Also, Rogues better than all the other classes. Just thought you should know.
#98  Posted 5 years ago
guia7ri Iknik
I died a little inside when no one knew what Gus was talking about when he said "I'll get you a toe at two o'clock. With nail polish."
Anyway now I love Gus for referencing The Big Lewbowski.
#99  Posted 4 years ago
Stop being dicks to Jack >:C
#100  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 2 Lame
Stop Being Dicks to Jack >:C
#101  Posted 4 years ago  |  - 2 Lame
HickSoldier Sponsor
This is such a hard Podcast on Jack
#102  Posted 4 years ago
I have to agree with Geoff and Gus D&D is awesome I enjoy it more than WoW and it's making a comeback but on a side note screw 4.0 you have to play 3.5

and aimed at Joel I'm a 21 year old guy and I know exactly what they're talking about
#103  Posted 4 years ago
Why so mean to jack again?

31/97 podcasts listened to.
#104  Posted 4 years ago
Sorry Gavino, I like the podcasts when your not there. Maybe once in a while, but not everyday like that week long run. Still love the slo mo vids though.
#105  Posted 3 years ago
This has got to be my favorite RT Podcast!
#106  Posted 3 years ago
Richyboi Fantasy Man
That's gotta be the worst "killed it" moment when jack made a joke about thanksgiving.
#107  Posted 2 years ago
pushpenpro Deadpoolio
Fucking Halo 2 had character switches. <.<
#108  Posted 2 years ago
I know it may make me kind of a douche for calling out a guy from several years ago, he stole that little thing from Relient K... which is a damn shame.


Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care - from 2007, maybe 2006.
#109  Posted 2 years ago
Chev427BB MadeInCanada
Princess Toadstool and Peach aren't one and the same?
#110  Posted 2 years ago
lol I agree about World at War on veteran, I rage quit on the flamethrower level I believe.
#111  Posted 2 years ago

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#113  Posted 2 years ago
Is this why I know longer see Geoff in new episodes of the podcast? And I always wonder why Jack hates the guy, he can be an absolute prick.
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#115  Posted 1 year ago
This is, by far, the most depressing podcast I've ever listened to.
#116  Posted 1 year ago
xDoughBoy95x CallMeThomas
shoutout to USC! Learn something new every day...
#117  Posted 1 year ago
MrMartinotti Sponsor
Apparently Trophyhunter.com wants to sell me weed... I'm guessing they didn't get the domain.
#118  Posted 5 months ago
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