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I just want to say, I have that Guttermouth Album, and saw them live in SC back in june or so. Good taste there, Geoff
#121  Posted 5 years ago
yayyy for griffon being on the podcast
#122  Posted 5 years ago
hey we make cusom shirts on the side if you can send me a picture of the shirts logo u wanted we can send you one just lemmi know how many you want

#123  Posted 5 years ago
good on gav for being a Hotspur supporter XD

but do we want to watch them fail in HD really?
#124  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Ender's Game via 'Shattered Horizon' as Battle School.
#125  Posted 5 years ago
Lorcan0c Wort
not to be whiney or anything, but it's that day of the week again and no podcast

:' (

i might be wrong but isn't the podcast on wednesday (if it's thursday, don't give me negative feedback like "n00b / WTF?" just tell me)
#126  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
In reply to Lorcan0c, #126:

I was thinking the same thing but then again, they dont update until 6:00PM my time. Dont rush them!
#127  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
I patiently wait every wednesday for the drunk tank. It'll be here soon.

I can't wait either though. It gives my wednesday's a purpose. As soon as it's over i'll be meandering around in a drunken haze starting fights with every girl and small child I see.
#128  Posted 5 years ago
ROFLMAO that christian rudder guy is fucking hilarious
#129  Posted 5 years ago
Does anybody else think Griffon sounds hot?!
#130  Posted 5 years ago
dude when i heard about the guy getting hit by a tennis ball, i remmebered sports science xD
#131  Posted 5 years ago
Thanks so much for the link to the Rockband deal. I decided to invest in it as a Christmas gift to myself and I saved like 50%. Not only that but I bought it two days ago while I was catching up on the podcasts, it shipped yesterday and I got it today.
#132  Posted 5 years ago
i really miss gavin... damn he was funny. griffin was good in this i think. joel's too quiet in the podcasts for my liking.
#133  Posted 4 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
TheFro2 Sponsor
Wow. My parents have a two story house, but only 2 tvs and 1 wireless access point!
#134  Posted 4 years ago
Holy Shit! There's a GIRL on Drunk tank!
#135  Posted 4 years ago
Griffon is the BOMB!
#136  Posted 4 years ago
So proud they mentioned Newcastle :')
#137  Posted 4 years ago
Took a long time to download it.

33/97 podcasts listened to.
#138  Posted 4 years ago
Everyone go look for Cage the Elephant, they made the theme song for Borderlands. They are really great, the Borderlands song us called Aint no rest fir the wicked.
#139  Posted 3 years ago
Colky Sponsor
I have their first album. Great band! Knew about them WAY before Borderlands.
#1  Posted 3 years ago
#140  Posted 3 years ago
Listening to this at night was a bit scary, especially with all the ghost stories....
#141  Posted 3 years ago
Colky Sponsor
All I want to say is Football (Sorry, Soccer) is the most popular game in the world. It's you silly Americans that don't play real sports! All that padding and it's SO slow. Football, Cricket and Rugby all the way! And just so you know, you should all support Norwich City Football Club. Hugh Jackman does!
However, Drunk Tank rocks. Griffon is hot.
#142  Posted 3 years ago
i remember running the coastlines as a hunter ah good times i found a weird temple on my way to this place ... strange.
#143  Posted 3 years ago
Wait, what?
What book?
Can someone explain that to me?
#144  Posted 3 years ago
just have to say FUCK YEAH dark cloud 2! that game was awsome. also geoff and griffon together means it's going to be an awsome session.
#145  Posted 3 years ago
49:44 Gus: "Fuckin Jupiter." lol
#146  Posted 3 years ago
"The Bible. Certainly the best novel ever made!" - Geoff

Lmao, excellent
#147  Posted 2 years ago
In honor of the introduction of Griffon to the pod cast I Introduced a the Pod cast missed statistic.
Cast Episodes In/Total Episodes Missed First appeared
1 Gus: 31/33 (93.9)% 2 Ep 1
2 Geof: 30/33 (90.1%) 3 Ep 1
3 Burnie: 26/33 (78.8%) 7 Ep 1
4 Joel: 13/33 (39.4%) 20 Ep 2
5 Gavin: 11/33 (33.3%) 22 Ep 17
6 Matt: 5/33 (15.1%) 28 Ep 6
7 Jack: 3/33 (9%) 30 Ep 28
8 Dan: 1/33 (3%) 32 Ep 26
9 Finch: 1/33 (3%) 32 Ep 15
10 Count3d: 1/33 (3%) 32 Ep 15
11 Griffon: 1/33 (3%) 32 Ep 33
#148  Posted 2 years ago
Ive been going back to listen to these. Awesome
#149  Posted 1 year ago
to answer the question in the podcast: I still use aol as my main email address. I've had it for 3/4 of my life, I'm not giving it up now.
#150  Posted 1 year ago
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