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Lorcan0c Wort
Its good to hear Griffon on the podcast as i think she's kinda shunted into the background for the most part.

By the way, Since there is now a girl on the podcast, cue many many sick and or perverted comments in




#91  Posted 5 years ago
nice podcast. u should have Griffon on more often.

and Geoff, yes AOL is still an active E-mail service. i have one, and u can get one for free at the website. i just dont think AOL puts out those disks anymore.
#92  Posted 5 years ago
I think that they should Cancel putting netflix on the PlayStation 3 and try and let Australia Have netflix!
#93  Posted 5 years ago
Lorcan0c Wort
In reply to Magicros10, #93:

well, australia seem to have pretty strict rules.

no netflix and no Left 4 Dead 2.
#94  Posted 5 years ago
hey guys: just a suggestion for a topic-

Assassin's Creed Lineage - (Short Movie) Part 1
#95  Posted 5 years ago
Griffon is a great guest, I loved geoffs "its a girl" voice
#96  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
which one was the featured video on youtube?
#97  Posted 5 years ago
Tropes FutureTexan
Great podcast this week. Love how Burnie just appears then vanishes, no hi, no intro, just in and out.

Bow chicka bow wow...
#98  Posted 5 years ago
Weatherwax Verbose
The Graveyard Book is a rethinking of the Jungle Book. If you read them both you will get that crazy "Aha!" feeling all the time. Fantastic.
#99  Posted 5 years ago
The hunter from boarderlands looks like the pilot from the Road Warrior
#100  Posted 5 years ago
...I would enter any contest for some meat mailed to me.

I did send Gus a treasure chest full of water and moldy bread....didn't think about the bread molding. I didn't buy it, but made it. I guess I needed to like...add preservatives.

I would buy a CD of these podcasts. Gav's Headlight Fluid.....five stars! Gut busting laughter!
#101  Posted 5 years ago
ChupathingyB Sponsor
I don't want to give the impression that I don't like Burnie's voice, because I've never found it the least bit annoying, or even weird for that matter. I was listening to the podcast, and Griffon, Geof and Gus seem to have such smooth voices, that after listening to them for 40 minutes, Burnie's voice sounded kind of weird.
#102  Posted 5 years ago
The Nerd house

I can't wait to see more of that

Great job on the pod cast, Gus,Geoff,Griffion and Burine's camero appearance was all great.
#103  Posted 5 years ago
Lukey Sponsor
Still an amazing podcast..

And Gav is a Spurs fan?

Oh the fail....
#104  Posted 5 years ago
Woohoo!!! Griffon for podcast regularly :) Good Idea
#105  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
Mysis_Ex Sponsor
Okay. I've been listening to the DT since it was a news feed on the main page. I have to ask. WHAT ABOUT MASS EFFECT?! Where's the love? That's one of the best games I've played to date, and you guys haven't so much as mentioned it. ME2 is coming out soon, so I know you've heard about it. Please, please, please talk about it during one of the podcasts.
#106  Posted 5 years ago
ya know geoff i know a lot about ghosts and stuff and i could fix your haunted house
#107  Posted 5 years ago
Griffon has a beautiful voice!
#108  Posted 5 years ago
Drunk Tank CD...sign me up!
#109  Posted 5 years ago
Griffin sounds delightful.
#110  Posted 5 years ago
It's about time they put a woman on the pod cast. The sausage fest had been getting old. Big Plus, Griffon has a great voice.
#111  Posted 5 years ago
Another one for the books.
#112  Posted 5 years ago
Enders Game is definitely the best sci-fi book ever. Of all time.
#113  Posted 5 years ago
PvtChurch007 Sponsor
Borderlands is an awesome game and the hunter is underestimated. im a lvl 40 hunter, my bloodwing has a 10 second cool down and targets 9 enemies. It's epic to watch him take out a group of enemies.
It's definitely not as balanced as the soldier though. But both are fun to play.

Thanks for another entertaining podcast.
#114  Posted 5 years ago
lol I keep getting that scratch record thing going on and that last one was Gus saying slingshot and Geoff saying connection over and over again it was funny lol
#115  Posted 5 years ago
As a 2 year veteran of the fast-food industry, and an ex-professional drive-thru operator, I can authoritatively say that Geoff's wife is gorgeous purely based on the sound of her voice. Congrats, bra.
#116  Posted 5 years ago
Whens the next time you do the drunk tank while playing L4D?
#117  Posted 5 years ago
Cupholder Sponsor
I would totally buy an "audio book" of The Drunk Tank!
#118  Posted 5 years ago
Ender's Game is a classic. Awesome book choice
#119  Posted 5 years ago
StephanieJ Sponsor
A day late and a dollar short. I like how complex the dvds are. And I wouldn't call them complex either. They're LOADED. I might feel a bit ripped off if they didn't have all the extra stuff. I have even listened to all the commentaries. And I purchase them when I have funds, or make other people purchase them for me (ie birthday, christmas). Because I love Rooster Teeth, I'd probably buy them if they didn't have all the extras, but I'd also probably feel ripped off. I am more likely to buy a DvD with DvD exclusive content. Which is why I don't get all this Digital BS.
#120  Posted 5 years ago
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