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Were you guys trying to claim George A. Romero invented the concept of Zombies? Zombies go waaaaay back to Haitian Voodoo and whatnot.


He's 100% responsible for making them such an important part of pop-culture - similar to how Halo popularized regenerating health in games - but he really didn't invent the concept of the undead at all.

You may want to stay away from Survival of the Dead. The general consensus is that it's the worst Romero film.

Anyway, great podcast guys! I'm happy for Jack that he's not the victim of Gus-rage anymore... but I do kind of miss that. =(
#61  Posted 5 years ago
B51 Blue Team
Now I want a shirt that has Guilty Spark in the middle with a shitload of names surrounding him from Gumball McJones to Eyeball 3000.
#62  Posted 5 years ago
schme1440 Sponsor
Why is it so entertaining to listen to 4 guys just ramble for an hour? Gotta Love DT!

Regarding The Sorcerer's Apprentice trailer, I saw it a while back and it looks horribly cheesy! Reminds me of Dragon ball film trailer!
#63  Posted 5 years ago
GO BEARS!!!! Sorry Texas, Hershey is bringing home the Calder Cup AGAIN!!!
#64  Posted 5 years ago
Yeah Jack! The AHL! Way to represent!
#65  Posted 5 years ago
According to Wikipedia, and by extension IMDb, Will Smith is gonna be in a ton of new movies soon.
#66  Posted 5 years ago
Dumbles Sponsor
Please Don't ever link to Hulu or similar sites, us Australians in our third world country (with technology anyway) cannot view these things, and it annoys us to no end.

Otherwise love the podcast.
#67  Posted 5 years ago
Someone slap Jack for saying David Attenborough's name wrong!
#68  Posted 5 years ago
http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8386/emmerganceday.jpg .
The zombie apocalypse will have to wait, its time for emergence day. So I made this shop to commemorate the occasion.

--edit by gus--
Way to embed a 4MB jpg into the thread. I changed it to a link.
#69  Posted 5 years ago
jack Cast & Crew
In reply to Hubububu, #68:

#70  Posted 5 years ago
FoxboyPrower needs2work
I love this. Thank you for keeping me informed. Finally news that isn't boring.
#71  Posted 5 years ago
jack Cast & Crew
In reply to jack, #70:

I'm sorry, you are right, David Attenborough does the British version of LIFE, not Sir Richard Attenborough.
#72  Posted 5 years ago
gus Cast & Crew
In reply to Dumbles, #67:

Your problem, not ours. I link to legit video sites that 95% of our listeners can get to. There is no other way to legally link to that content. Sorry but in this case I've gotta do what is good for the majority.
#73  Posted 5 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
FoxboyPrower needs2work
They are still talking about Xbox fat. Geoff should know he is a genius.
#74  Posted 5 years ago
Jordan Cast & Crew
Tom Hanks is currently directing and starring in a movie he wrote called Larry Crowne.
#75  Posted 5 years ago
what about the cumbre vieja?
#76  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to Dumbles, #67:

In reply to gus, #73:

In canada we can't watch hulu.. but who gives a shit. Just search it on youtube or something.
#77  Posted 5 years ago
When it comes to the oil leak... James Cameron is Canadian. Your welcome, States.
#78  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to gus, #73:

That actually makes me curious, what are the nationality demographics for the site/podcast? Are 95% of people on the site really americans? That would actually surprise me given the broad number of nationalities I tend to see on my own websites (allthough admittedly they're not community websites).
#79  Posted 5 years ago
thaskizz Baby Gusbus
In reply to gus, #73:

It's better to have a few angry fans that couldn't see a video than get sued. Then again, Joel said you weren't a true company until you get sued. But on the other hand, Joel is semi-retarded.
#80  Posted 5 years ago
dRUNK TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#81  Posted 5 years ago
gus Cast & Crew
In reply to Pauli, #79:

In the past 30 days:

67.1% USA
9.7% Canada
9% UK
4.6% Australia
1% Sweden

So maybe you all are on to something if the US is only 2/3 of our traffic.
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Someone tell rooster teeth to watch the Imagination Land Ep of South Park. - Cameron to fix the gulf spill. they beat you guys to it
#83  Posted 5 years ago
Wrong Attenborough! You want David, not Richard. He's the one that does all the Planet Earth Stuff
#84  Posted 5 years ago

Im not 100% sure if this is reliable source of infomation but its interesting none the less.
Basically its an overview of the eathquake activity around the Yellowstone supervolcano over the last 2 years.
#85  Posted 5 years ago
Burnie, you talk about how you knew the girl from Piranha in this Drunk Tank and Drunk Tank #12
#86  Posted 5 years ago
On the subject of volcanoes, I hope to hell none of the 50 in my town get any funny ideas.
#87  Posted 5 years ago
Hey Gus, don't feel bad about Sundays bud. Oregon is way more retarded, liquor stores close by 5-6pm EVERY day, no matter if it's a holiday weekend or not. Miss AZ :(
#88  Posted 5 years ago
In reply to TheFiredGoon, #30:

I am in total agreement. That sounds more like a PCP story.
And did anybody read the article that was in the link dump?
If not here's the gold, "Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Jarrod Wyatt now faces murder charges after beating and killing his friend to death". HE KILLED HIS FRIEND TO DEATH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
#89  Posted 5 years ago
Well texas has 2 or 3 of the fattest cities, sorry to break it to yah
#90  Posted 5 years ago
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