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Love it!
#31  Posted 6 years ago
"Your face is a book!" Instant classic Gus line.
#32  Posted 6 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
That Wolf Quest video is hilarious!
"Can you survive the call of the wild?"
#33  Posted 6 years ago
TrueMischief Sponsor
Geoff if you do not like golf you must be golfing wrong. Up here in Canada golfing is just an excuse to walk around outside and drink our faces off. If the ball goes in the hole it is just a bones. Hell if you can find the hole it is a bones.
#34  Posted 6 years ago  |  - 1 WTF
Lmao that wolf promo ad is hilarious!
#35  Posted 6 years ago
Totally agree with Geoff on how awesome Netflix is, Jimmy Fallen is terrible, and Futurama rocks. And I also go through cycles of watching South Park. This is creepy.

By the way, most popular late night talk show host has to be Conan O'Brien.

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#36  Posted 6 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
shit i'm the one guy who is dissapointed in l4d2 coming one year later and uses ubuntu
#37  Posted 6 years ago
Ok one more thing after I listened to the podcast. Burnie complaining about the Natal that it is open for bad puns... yeah so what about the wii? I'm going to go play with my wii after work. should I go on? That generated negative comments, but it did get the name out there.
#38  Posted 6 years ago
Drunk Tank is officically the best podcast ever!
#39  Posted 6 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
And I would seriously sign an anti-online petition petition.
#40  Posted 6 years ago
Tropes FutureTexan
I never got into L4D1, but I'm gonna buy L4D2 just to fuck over those jackasses who are claiming to botcott it.
#41  Posted 6 years ago
The crappy thing about the L4D coming out so soon is that they just recently released the SDK for the PC version. By the time the good custom maps are out, nobody will be be playing the game anymore. But you guys are all xboxers, so it probably doesn't show up on your radar.
#42  Posted 6 years ago
HardcoreStig Sponsor
Hey, I've been drinking Mount Gay rum for a long time, it's my rum of choice and it took a lot of other drinks to find the right one :)
my advice is don;t mix it, it's at it's best over ice or neat.
Could add somne pointless link with it's history or something but I think I'll just pour me a glass, get drunk and say that when it comes to visiting the home of your fav drink mount Gay's beats any domestic beer.
#43  Posted 6 years ago
HardcoreStig Sponsor
In reply to TrueMischief, #34:

I played golf in Mexico a few times and there was a guy whose job was to drive round the course from 18 back to 1 selling ice cold beer and fresh hotdogs and burgers. How can that not be sportsmanship.
#44  Posted 6 years ago
lol That Wolfquest actually looked pretty interesting and I thought just for a second of playing it then I watched the trailer.
#45  Posted 6 years ago
#46  Posted 6 years ago
I didn't know Natal was named like that because of the city here in Brazil, cool. By the way, Ntal also means Christmas and the place you were born, like "Burnie's 'natal' country is the USA", in Portuguese.
#47  Posted 6 years ago
I just didn't grasp the whole thing of "all this DLC content we were supposed to see" and all we got was survival maps. Seriously? So instead of adding on some stuff to make the original game better, we get to buy a whole new game just get better content that was talked about being added to the first? Not to mention the whole Team Fortress 2 look they decided on for the game.
#48  Posted 6 years ago
They actually think that a video of Hitler being angry will make us want to get the game LESS?!! I was expecting Hitler saying it was his idea or something.
#49  Posted 6 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
Gus, what was that site burnie talked about "spending to much time on twitter" thing i was hoping that would be in the links
#50  Posted 6 years ago
TrueMischief Sponsor
In reply to HardcoreStig, #44:

Ya we have those here though usually its a hot girl who probably makes a small fortune in tips off old white men
#51  Posted 6 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Wow, the Left 4 Dead 2 petition is really stupid. I just finished reading over what they had to say and sadly, they're just being retarded.
#52  Posted 6 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
dragonmanweb Sponsor
Took me a while to have a free hour to listen to this, but it's worth it every time.
#53  Posted 6 years ago
hah! mount gay. I'll drink to that.
#54  Posted 6 years ago
ben_d_cook Sponsor
I was really happy to hear the Jim Duggan reference, these podcasts just keep getting better
#55  Posted 6 years ago
Weatherwax Verbose
Who goes through Wikipedia and changes every "is" to "was" when a famous person dies? I checked out David Carradine's to see the date of his death and how it was described, and it was all in the past tense. Not that that's weird, but I never thought about it before.
#56  Posted 6 years ago
Hey RT Staff. I was just listening to your podcast and I have an answer to the question, "When has an online petition ever worked?"

Anyone ever hear of the show Jericho?

That show had, apparently, horrible viewer stats during it's first season, so CBS decided to pull the plug. What followed was a HUGE petition that made the studios bring it back for another season. Sadly, the viewer stats hardly went up, despite the huge amount of signatures they amassed. The show had a horrible finale, and has yet to be continued.

This happened... must of been 2 - 4 years ago. I've tried to get a link to the petition, but the page won't load.
#57  Posted 6 years ago
LilHamHam Sponsor
So you guys do drink rum...
I wonder if I sent some Aussie Bundaberg Rum to you guys via the stores address if it would get to you or go missing.
will have to try sometime.
#58  Posted 6 years ago
Central is currently GMT -5... Daylight Savings time. =)
#59  Posted 6 years ago
That is Really good rum! right up there with Havana Club, which is basically the only non-absinthe liquor i have while in Europe.
#60  Posted 4 years ago
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