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18 year-old male from Texas
I'm Kyle, and I enjoy acting, improv, video games, filmmaking, and smiling! I love talking and making friends! I'm the founder and admin of the offical RoosterTeens group here on Roosterteeth.com I love Roosterteeth with all of my heart and enjoy everything they make!
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Still in ShockI've watch The Know about 4 times now, and I still can't grasp the fact that Monty Oum is now longer with us. The man created animations and shows that have inspired so many, including myself. In the span of 33 years, he managed to blow the minds RvB viewers with Season Eight's MIND BLOWING animations. I mean, that battle with Tex and the boys still blows me away. Let's not forget the battle in Season Ten where everyone is back together and they are kicking ass against all of those Tex's(Texes? Texas?) I never knew him personally, but I wish I did. I could never say goodbye to someone who isn't actually gone. All I have to do is watch RWBY. Monty Oum put his soul into creating RWBY, so really, he's actually going to be with us and in our hearts forever... <3
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