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29 year-old female from This Planet somewhere
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The face of evilTwin link to CG1991's journal, comment of his journal if you want 10 mods
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Name Sarah
Occupation A member of the Spartan Project
Birthday December 20th, 1985
Interests I like Warhammer 40 000 and I collect Chaos Space Marines I like Camping and Gaming
Music Rolling Stones Scat Man Immortal Technique Goldie Lookin Chain Eminem Dr Dre Dragon Force Metallica
Movies Longest Yard 28 Days Later 8 Mile Alien and anythind super natural
TV Shows Red VS Blue This Spartan Life Fire Team Charlie Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pokemon Star Gate SG1 Stargate Atlantis
Books Darren Shan Terry Pratchett Halo series Real life Crime