Ok, so I go to my Publix orientation. Went well, I just basically filled out some paperwork. Easy stuff.

Now comes the WTF part. I walk out of the room the pre-orientation was in, and immediataly phone my mom to come pick me up. No answer. I figure she just might be in the bathroom or something, so I walk outside and wait a few minutes before calling again. No answer. I try every 3 minutes for like half an hour, and still no answer. To be short I end up sitting outside the damn place for 2 hours before finally deciding to call my grandfather to see if he can get ahold of her. Still nothing. I finally decide to walk home, as its only roughly 30 minutes away. A few minutes after I start walking my mom calls me, saying that she left her phone in her car. She felt bad, so I went easy on her. I always go easy, actually. But that was my day.