Not only is it a subject that i'm getting tired of hearing, but it is a subject that is almost entirely begun by Halo worms.

I'm down with Master Chief, i'm down with Counter Terrorists, and i'm down with Soldiers. They're all FPS's, and fun to play. Why do we have to have these people who begin crap-wars between X and Y? X usually being CS:S and Y usually being Halo.

I rememeber watching a flash at that featured Master Chief vs. a CS:S noob. Master Chief was of course played by a half-decent player. Then the CS:S player was just some dumb, random, 10-year-old nub. The nub of course got annihilated.

I've noticed that people who've played Halo seldom play other FPS's. When they do play other FPS's, they stop playing them after a few days, then go back to their life of heavy armor 'n' shields in Halo. I think the reason is because Halo presents little challenge compared to other FPS games.

"What the fuck is this!? The Blues are travelling in packs." (I made it look nicer, this is not what the exact wording of the player). What I have cited here is the words of a player on Halo who was bitching that Blue team was working together as a team. Which is the entire point of games like CS, CS:S, CoD, DoD, NS, and many others. It's like teamwork is an alien principle in games like Halo. Maybe that's why Halo players can't play other FPS's, but I can't be sure. (If you don't believe me, I have single-handedly taken down entire teams solo on Halo. I am not the only one who can do it, either).

There are people who play mostly Half-Life and Half-Life2, and HL/HL2 modded games, but prefer Halo. These people are extremely rare. In fact, I can only think of 2 off the top of my head. Everyone else I know prefers HL/HL2/HLMOD games.

It is worth mentioning that I would never have picked up a copy of Halo if I didn't watch Red Vs. Blue. When I did pick up Halo, I was surprised that the sheer number of morons in Halo far surpasses the number of morons in CS:S. (I played Halo online).

When I played online, if I used a pistol, I was a pistol whore. Shotguns made me a shotty whore. Rockets? Fuck no, i'm a rocket whore. Fuel rod gun made me a fuel rod whore. So what did that leave me with? The assault rifle, Covenant weapons, and a flame thrower. I'd rather be a whore then be forced to use weapons to make everyone happy. Oh, and using a sniper rifle made me a camper REGARDLESS OF WHERE I WAS STANDING ON THE MAP. I was accused of hacking everywhere I went. It seems like being killed in that game automatically makes the person who killed you a hacker. (Note that the above mentioned problems to exist in CS:S. The difference? Despite having many more servers and players, there is far less of that kind of bitching on CS:S)

What you all need to know is that Halo itself did not destroy my interest in Halo. It is the outrageous number of complete idiots who shout "OMG HALO IS BETTER THAN CSS LOSL, ALL MY FREIENDS SEY SO." So what I need to ask people like this to do is to please shut up. The truth is, regardless of whether you can believe it or not, is that Half-Life lovers far outnumber Halo lovers.

"The only FPS I don't play is Halo." Which according to a friend of mine was said by the almighty Fata1ity himself.