F.A.Q & Friending Also Random Statements

8 years ago

BECOME A FANBOY! (Friends only.)


Frequently Asked Questions
Feel free to add your own.

OMFG! How did you get them awardz!?!?!?111!!1!1
I will NOT answer this question. Ask me twice, and you get blocked.

Can I have Church? Like... Borrow him, just for this once?
No. He doesn't want you.

... Can I touch Chris? Please?
*Sigh* He's 52 quid an hour... Go ahead.
... I am no longer Scotboy's keeper. He's on his own.

Can I be ur frined?
Learn how to spell, jackass.

Hello, I am a creepy pervert. I would like to be your friend because you are a girl.
I shouldn't even have to answer this one... But no.

Why did you deny my Friend Request?
Probably one or more of these reasons:
-You've never talked to me before.
-You are an above mentioned creepy pervert.
-You asked my about the awards.
-You touched Chris without paying.
-You're a guy with pictures of half-naked girls in your images section.
-You have an obscene amount of friends and are just some whore.
-You're SUPER-new to the site... Like, less than I day of use and such... Get active, then we'll talk.
-Did I mention that I won't accept if you are a creepy pervert?

So uhm... Your fanfiction (<-- There's some!) is kind of.... smiley5.gifsmiley7.gif
... Don't read it then.

I used to be your friend... Now... I'm not?
Yeah... I clean it out every once in a while... Usually if you've been inactive for awhile or just haven't talked to me like... At all for a bit, you're gone. I'm pretty sure I'll let you back though. If you miss me THAT much. smiley0.gif

Sooo... You and Luke?
No. You are gullible. He's not drawing me, we don't even look similar. We're both uhm... Girls, but that's about it.

You got kidnapped by a homosexual?!
Oh yes! ON a regular basis... His name is Stefan, and he's my bestest friend ever... Not to mention Gay #1 (I have about thirty.)

Jesus Christ! Th-thirty-- THIRTY?!
Mhmmm... smiley0.gif I am a fag hag.

Oh, by the way... S.I.M.M.O.N.S is THE SHIT.
.... Huh? 'Kay.

Are any of these questions ACTUALLY frequently asked?
Meh... Like... The first two are. So sort of? What the fuck ever... It's Spring Break, I'm bored... So... This happened.


Let's see here.... Chris's Questions:

How long does it take you to do your hair every morning?
Uhhhmmm... Probably like... A half-hour when I want it done right. My hair is a bitch.

What's the make of your stereo?

How big is your computer monitor?

How do you personally pronounce Porsche? Por-shh or por-shuh?
Por-shh... Am I going to get divorced over that? smiley2.gif

What's the CD that's physically closest to you at the time you're reading this?
Oooh. Christian Finnegan- Two for Flinching. He=hilarious.

Peanut butter: Friend or foe?

Would you wear brown and blue together? (Picture it in your mind...)
I think... It depends on the shade of blue more than anything. Sooo... Potentially yes.

Syrix2's questions:

How many monkeys could you fit in your bra and or panties?
*blinks* Uhm... "Thinks about this... For a moment." I have no idea.

Where do you keep your phone whilst out?
My right front pocket.

Do you hate mosquito bites?
I don't know anyone who doesn't.

shave or wax your legs?

Water or coke.
Water... I'm a Pepsi person.

Heroin or coke
Heroin... I'm a DIE-HARD Pepsi person. That is, unless I have to shoot up... Because then.. Neither.

Command and conquer or age of empires?

xbox or playstation?
Eesh... Um... They both have their strengths. I really don't know.

Will you marry me?

K's questions:

Is that a rule?

Is it written down on the Internet?
It will be in about 45 seconds... You aren't allowed to say I'm cute, so there.

Fizz's Questions

Other than Church/Grif, what's your favorite RvB pairing?
... Church/Tucker.

Manga or old western movies?
Old westerns... No Manga plzkthnx.

Best Xmas present ever?
Hmmm.... I'll get back to this.

What college are you gonna go to?
SUNY Purchase, hopefully.

Best country on earth?
I haven't visited enough to make this decision yet.

Worst country on earth?
I haven't visited enough to make this decision yet.

Should I go to RVBTO...? I am at a loss of money right now.
Yes. Always. Forever. Everyone should go.

Character Limit. Answers continued on Comment #27!

Comments (28)

  • discopete019


    6 years ago

    Am I in your good graces?

    How awesome is Discopete?

    Will you respond to this?

    Just how tasty is girl cake?

    Post edited 11/14/08 2:50PM

  • ChurchsWife


    7 years ago

    Degenerate89's Questions

    What's so great about New York City? I've never actually heard you explain it. Or I forgot...or blocked it out...
    I haven't been there either. It's just a thing with me about living in Youngstown and knowing it's a shithole and how much I hate small town life. I'm not a suburban girl. It's not in me. NYC is pretty much as urban I can get without moving to Tokyo.

    Orbit or Trident?
    Orbit. Definitely.

    Was your fame here on RT an expected occurance, or was it a complete surprise?
    Surprise. But very welcome.

    Are you a mod or a rocker?
    Both, dammit.

    What is your career choice and why do you want to pursue it? (I know this already, but for the idiots that don't...)
    It's recently changed, so I guess I should tell everyone. I came to the realization a little while ago that I talk. A lot. I double-talk and mind fuck people on a daily basis... and I'm good at it (unless it's a certain person I'm fighting against. Then, I'm fucked... because he is evil). So if I could get paid for that, I'd be huge. That's why I'm going to be (or attempt to be) a lobbyist.

  • megafire


    7 years ago

    If you like Grif and Church... what the hell are you doing in the S.I.M.M.O.N.S.? (I shouldn't really be talking, but still)

  • masterdenae


    7 years ago


    How the HELL did you fit that all into ONE journal entry?

    And PEPSI is the winner....of all.

  • cunfuzzled


    7 years ago

    It's late. I'm bored. Questions!

    Other than Church/Grif, what's your favorite RvB pairing?

    Manga or old western movies?

    Best Xmas present ever?

    What college are you gonna go to?

    Best country on earth?

    Worst country on earth?

    Should I go to RVBTO...? I am at a loss of money right now.

  • subversive89


    7 years ago

    Can I be ur frined?
    Learn how to spell, jackass.

    Nice. Very nice. smiley0.gif

  • _Ricky_


    8 years ago

    hmm more added things :D
    surely I must check on a regular basis

  • Spartan736


    8 years ago

    I got a couple FAQ's...

    Why didn't you add me even though I qualify as I am none of the aforementioned stuff.
    What is your gamertag?
    Do any of the gays guys you know aslo like Church? Also, have you beaten them up because of it? LOL


  • _Ricky_


    8 years ago

    well i've learned much
    thank god im not a perv.
    and I dont ask dumb ass questions.
    so thats a good start if I do say so myself

  • HazeyShade


    8 years ago

    oh hey look, another faghag. *self deemed Dayton's Biggest, but with due cause* :D.