LoRes Downloads online

8 years ago

The LoRes Quicktime and WMV's went up in the video archive today; perhaps you already noticed.

Per a decision we discussed in the Sponsor forum, video downloads will be available 3 days after the new Flash videos go online. I really appreciate all the Sponsors feedback. We were running into a problem with the internet at large and they helped us with a difficult solution. From now on, the plan is to release the Flash episodes on Friday for Sponsors and the HiRes/LoRes Sponsor downloads on Monday. We will also post the Flash video for everyone on Mondays and the downloads on Wednesday.

I just want to say I appreciate all the candid feedback we received from the Sponsors.

Comments (79)

  • yukman316


    8 years ago

    Keeping the schedule would be a good thing. Just noticed that the low-res WM & QT versions of RvB 93 for non-sponsors are still not available. That should be remedied soon, I hope.

  • lefty


    8 years ago

    Sounds like a good plan.

    Just, you know... keep the schedule.

  • Raven111


    8 years ago

    I'm not a sponser but I can honestly say I'm glad you're not putting up downloads until it's available for everyone to see. Waiting till it's out for sponsers and then watching it elsewhere is dumb, if you don't feel like waiting for the episode to be out you should just be a sponser as soon as I find a good job I know I'm upgrading. Good choice guys (I'm also sure it's one that will increase the number of sponsers quite a bit)

  • FatalWolf117


    8 years ago

    yeah..i agree with death...a fullscreen button would be amazing if at all possible...and i think that this is a good idea...if it helps out with things around here..then im all for it

  • death_upgrad


    8 years ago

    cool idea, i like it, and the flash is really cool, and i've noticed how ridiculously fast it loads, which makes me very happy,

    will there be any chance of putting a link in the flash video's to make them full screen? (like on youtube)

  • ffalcon


    8 years ago

    Doesn't Youtube have a complaint system? The temptation is definitely there for nonsponsors like myself when sponsors start talking on the forum.

  • CuteyKitty


    8 years ago

    Good luck with that and thanks 4 trying to make it even better.

  • iWatch


    8 years ago

    That is probably the best so non-sponsors aren't seeing the vids on youtube and aren't getting the vids from sponsor friends before they're available to the public....

  • llcoolbean


    8 years ago

    Well i know its your site to do with what you please but its good to know you appreciate user feedback. smiley0.gif

  • Khufu


    8 years ago

    No problem, can't wait for tommorows episode.