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The purpose of this journal is to provide a centralized point where users can learn more about the guy behind this profile. Over the nearly two years that I've been actively using my profile, I've written quite a bit of material, and I am occasionally asked questions that prompt me to dig through my old journals. Why not just simplify it for everyone by digging through it all one more time and providing some links people (myself included) can use to easily find what they are looking for?

Right, enough talk. I now present to you… a journal of links.

Personal Info
smiley9.gifMy humble beginnings as a user on this site.
smiley9.gif This audio journal Q&A addresses some frequently asked questions about my life, including how I met my wife and how I got into the nursing profession.
smiley9.gif Ask any questions you may have about me here. Personal questions are preferred, but I do enjoy answering random questions as well.
Ragingterror's Official Q&A Journal
smiley9.gif Guys: Looking for a few good ideas? How I proposed to my wife.
smiley9.gifA quick review of my life in 2006
smiley9.gifI am a saxophonist, and this is my… “axe�

Yes, I know I am a freak. You don’t need to remind me.
smiley9.gifSee me solve a 20 x 20 x 20 Rubik's Cube
smiley9.gif I love spicy food. Do you?
smiley9.gif I wasn't kidding when I said I love spicy food. Think you can beat this?

“Sage Adviceâ€Â: A collection of “PSAs†on various topics.
smiley9.gifJournaleering Lessons: A Study on Good and Bad Journal Entries
smiley9.gif Let this be a lesson to you: Drinking and journaling DO NOT MIX. smiley8.gif
--Part 1
--Part 2
smiley9.gif "Don't Be That Guy": A case study demonstrating precisely how one should not post in online forums.
--Part 1
--Part 2
smiley9.gifA Valentine's Day PSA

Event-Related Journals
smiley9.gif A Review of CanWest 2007 (To be concluded eventually)
--Part 1
--Part 2
--Part 3
--Part 4
--Part 5
smiley9.gif Penny Arcade Expo 2006
--Part 1
--Part 2
smiley9.gif Why console launches suck: A chronicling of my frustrations in waiting for my XBox 360

Work and Nursing School Related Material: Yes, nursing is an excellent, rewarding profession. Yes, it pays well. No, it is NOT an easy job.
smiley9.gifBeing in a supervisory role can be a serious nuisance sometimes…
smiley9.gifNursing School is FREAKING HARD
smiley9.gif A day in the life of an RN Student:
--Part 1
--Part 2
smiley9.gif Working as a nurse's aide really sucks. Don't take the job unless you have to.
smiley9.gif Ever had to stand by and watch a person totally unrelated to you die? It's a strange experience.
smiley9.gifThen there's these cases, which can be rather traumatizing.

Past Projects
smiley9.gif A simple PS2 case mod (I still have yet to add lights):
--Part 1
--Part 2
--Part 3
smiley9.gifRed Vs Blue Pumpkin

To Conclude In Comments...