While on his daily rounds, Chuck Bernard, the local postal delivery man, stopped at the Henrichs Farm to find that the pervious days mail had not ben collected. As this had never happend before, Benard decided to carry the mail himself up to the house. Fifty feet from the front door, he heard what sounded like gunshots, cries of pain, and and calls for help. Bernard fled the scene drove 10 miles to the nearsest pay phone, and called the police. When 2 sheriffs deputys and a peramidic team arrived, they found the Henriches family britaly slaughterd. The only surviver, Freda Henriches, was experinceing advance symptons of the deasise Solanum. She bit both paramedics before the deputies could restrain her. The third deputy, last to arrive and new to the force, panced and shot her in the head. The two bitten men were brought in to the hospitial for treatment, and died soon afterwards. By midnight zombies were in the streets but the hunters of the town assembled groups armend with rifles and desposed of them.

The officail report was "Mass Heteria Riots" due to pesticides in the local water.

True Story. Promise