You want to see my artwork? Here's an archive of various bits I've done for various people, although not everything I've done is here.
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Artwork Journals
Richard Bai-Shui
Meta Dragon
Bloospell Artwork

For Friends:
Fire Girl for Vicki (not on RT)
Ice Girl for Charlotte (not on RT)
Amarh as a soul-reaper, cartoon
Amarh as a soul-reaper, sketch
Kryptinight (1)
Kryptinight (2)
Sketch of Miya Lu
Ice Wolf and Fire Rabbit made for Cody/ARM
ButtonPress fan-comic for Iddstar

Rooster Teeth Staff:
Gus Sorola's Amnesia
Evil Gus-Man
Jason Saldana on the guitar
The Flaming Burns (Burnie)
Phaero Ramsey (Geoff)
Kat Zuelch cartoon
Kat Zuelch as Tex
"cool" Dan Godwin
Luke McKay

Red vs Blue:
Inspector Simmons
Red Team New Girl Idea
Dude, Where's My Tank?
Omega Inside

Dragon Artwork:
Meta Dragon
Born Of Fire
First Chinese Dragon
Meta vs Vickrant Padoha
Meta morphing
Meta and Druce
Dragon-crunchy "motivational poster"
Green anthro-dragon

Dungeons and Dragons:
Group 1
Group 2
Bloodspell Artwork

Megas XLR fan art
Kiva Sketch
Megas XLR DVD cover
Megas XLR DVD cover

Other stuff
Picture I did for Hammy on comission
Stargate Poster
Grim Reaper sketch
Self Portrait
What's with motivational posters?