Just a couple random things I wanted to write down to remember.

smiley7.gif : I was watching the special features on the extras disc of Halo 3 when Burnie and Geoff popped up on-screen talking to Jen Taylor (Cortana's voice). At that moment, my mom came in to ask me about a black belt test this weekend and whether or not I'd be able to sit on the testing board as one of the judges. Suddenly, she stops, looking at the screen and says "Who is that?" in reference to Burnie.

I explain a little to her about RoosterTeeth, why they're so famous, what they do (even explaining that they are responsible for my cool "I hate babies" shirt, as well as her least favorite shirt of mine "Cockbite. I go through all this effort of talking to her about machinima, RvB, what they've accomplished, how much of a big deal it would be to have been put on a Halo 3 video, what Halo is, how big Halo's community is, how big the Rooster Teeth community is, what the site is all about, how they create the shows, the amount of time it takes...I basically ended up talking for about 10 minutes about RoosterTeeth and machinima.....& she says "Well he's handsome! You say he plays a blue guy?" At this point, my mind flashes to a vision of me gouging out my eyes before I blow my brains all over the room with a shotgun. smiley7.gif

smiley0.gif : My brother Dennis (aka D) comes into my room to see the beginning of the game. When he sees The Arbiter, he jumps & he's like "Whoa! That's right, they're working together now!" But, him not being the regular Halo fan like anyone of us are, he then proceeds to say something that made me spit rootbeer all over my shirt through my nose.

"Wait, that alien guy can talk? I thought all they said was like 'blarg' and 'honk' I didn't know they could talk! Cool!"

And my family says I'm the stupid one...*shakes head*

--Constant Vigilance--