Game Over

7 years ago

I can confidently say that this Call of Duty contest is locked up. Not because I am 250 points ahead of Geoff, but because I just completed one of the single most difficult levels I have ever played in any video game. Imagine standing at the bottom of a funnel while someone pours in a bunch water on top of you. But instead of water, they're actually pouring in angry Russians armed with AK-47's and RPGs. And the funnel that you are standing in is actually a running garbage disposal. That's on fire.

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  • Scorptilicus


    7 years ago

    I'm skeptical that that scenario has ever actually occurred during a war.

  • shotytime


    7 years ago

    what the hell smiley11.gif

  • akira143


    7 years ago

    that sounds a bit.....excessive.... for a level. better you than me, and more power to you!!

  • gfunkjr


    7 years ago

    i wouldnt be so sure your about...160 points behind him now, he needs 5 you need 6

  • funki_monki


    7 years ago

    My friend gave me a detailed play of Act 2 and it sounds freakin' intense... I can barely handle when RE4 guys with short range weapons are attacking me!

    Well, the guy that throws the scythe in the castle that lops off your head probably doesn't count, but that's not the point.

    Good Luck!

  • Gate0r


    7 years ago

    heh nice dude

  • halodork45


    7 years ago

    You know...the way you put it just threw a freaking awesome image into my head.

    Thank you for making my day that much better.

  • Elite17


    7 years ago

    I need this game.

  • LoudShadow


    7 years ago

    so im literally gonna die :'(

  • SCherry


    7 years ago

    Wimp. you should beat the level and then dangle these in front of geoff and ask him if he has some...

    then remind him he liked reading "pride and prejudice"