Geoff is a maniac

7 years ago

If you read my journal from yesterday, you know I was fairly confident that I had the CoD contest with Geoff all locked up.So, I had a leisurely day hanging out with Finchlynch and then we went over to Geoff's place. I find out that he's been playing since 5AM and did not log on to XBL all day. He was further into the game than I was and had 820 points to my 750. Because he had not logged in, I could not see his progress until I went over to his place and found him standing in his living room, his face practically pressed against the glass of his TV. When I woke up this morning, he had racked up 910 to my 750, but I was collecting a lot of side objectives along the way.

As of right now, we are both done with the main campaign and trying to complete an epilogue level that makes everything else seem like a cakewalk. I have 980 points and he has 910. All I need to do is storm an entire plane full of guys in one minute and it's over. He still has to do that and go back to finish all his side stuff.

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  • Count3D

    Count3D Site Admin

    7 years ago

    The better gamer won.

  • cipher01


    7 years ago

    i know bout that epilouge level... i cant beat it on veteran at all i almost got to the vip and some random guy shoots me point blank with a shot gun.... so after that i gave up and went to bed

    ive played 8 hours and have 630 /1000

  • skillebrew


    7 years ago

    I can feel the competition through my screen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and internet service.

  • squall_born


    7 years ago

    man, i cant seem to find all the laptops.

  • colonelMCmuf


    7 years ago

    holy hell this doesn't sound healthy.

  • Khufu


    7 years ago

    Deja Vu how you have a leisurely day yet Geoff works and ends up for the worse. Such is life at Rooster Teethland.

  • DU_Stars_Fan


    7 years ago

    Did you seriously believe there was going to be no trickery involved? The fact that he woke up early AND purposefully didn't sign in is completely expected. I think secretly you are jealous that you didn't do the same thing and then upon going over to his house, signing in with your memory card only to have your score go from 750 to 1000 instantly. That my friend would have been the ultimate cock-slap to the face.

  • dragon21


    7 years ago

    ssssssooooooooooo we can start the celebrating now, i've been saving the fireworks and the booze to mark the occasion.

  • evilcrash9

    evilcrash9 BigBoss

    7 years ago

    It's a close race.....

  • Red_Enemy


    7 years ago

    good luck to both of you