Geoff's penance

7 years ago

People keep asking what Achievement I should pin on Geoff now that he has lost the Call of Duty achievement race. There are lots of suggestions for impossible achievements, like "win five straight NBA 2k6 games online" (when no one plays online anymore). I think that defeats the purpose. I am leaning heavily towards either Dead Rising's Seven Day Survivor Achievement which requires at least 14 continuous hours of gameplay with no saves or Half Life 2's "Little Rocket Man" which makes you take a garden gnome from the first two minutes of the game all the way through until the end. Both are pretty funny. I think in the end it will be the Dead Rising one simply because I love that game so much and I can't believe he did not finish it. Plus, I have the achievement so I know it's not impossible.

During the contest, I floated the idea of an alternate "real life achievement" the loser could do instead of an Xbox one. Something like the "Tasty Dragon", where you have to eat an entire spoonful of cinnamon. Everyone seemed to like that, so I want to come up with something suitable for him. Geoff is a very picky eater and both Griffon and I have suffered for years when having meals with him. I've worked with him for about ten years now and it's a huge chore to find somewhere he can tolerate the food. So I think I will see if he wants to go out to a dinner during which anything Griffon orders for him, he has to eat. Nothing gross, just a normal meal from someplace that isn't (as Griffon puts it) "Pizza or Italian food for the millionth time". When I told her the idea for the real life achievement, I think she actually start cheering for me in the contest.

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  • secret800


    6 years ago

    i'd eat a spoonful of cinnnamon. if i do, do i get the achievement?

  • bigngreen


    7 years ago

    i am yet to do the lil rocket man achievment, but there is also another achievement called one shot or something, where you take one shot of all the weapons inluding the crowbar and thats it, but the Gravity gun is okay to use. that would be hard.

  • Xaleendar


    7 years ago

    If you decide to go with rocket man lay a few ground rules down first the invincibility cheat in that game could make the particular achievement very easy

  • DrkSpartn796


    7 years ago

    I recommend "Neighborhood Watch" from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Don't let any buildings get blown up by Striders in the last level. For me, that achievement was freaking murder.

  • Zanderdude55


    7 years ago

    take him out for chinese

  • Satarus


    7 years ago

    Little Rocket Man is the worst.

  • JDragon


    7 years ago

    haha, nice.

    kudos on the Mile High achievement.
    That thing is nearly impossible to get... smiley4.gif

  • mel


    7 years ago

    Me personally, I would recommend the hold 'em achievement of having to get one of every single hand...

    It's driving me nuts right now!

  • MrHatnClogs1


    7 years ago

    Make sure you record it and post it on youtube!

  • acidrain700


    7 years ago

    I could totally eat a spoonful of cinnamon. As for Geoff, make him eat a tablespoon of wasabi.