I ran the Mile High Club for Geoff this morning and decided to record it for posterity. If you are interested in seeing what made the difference in our contest, check out the video in my comments. I want to apologize for the blown out audio, I did this spur of the moment and forgot to check my levels. And once you see the video, you will realize it's not something I want to go back and re-record. I left in about 8 failed runs to fully illustrate the horror of that level, which may seem cruel to the viewer but trust me -- there were many many more that I cut. I think gfunk has run the one-minute level for anywhere between 5-10 hours. I spent several on it myself. This particular run is not that pretty, I flashbang myself twice and get lucky a couple of places, but I will take it.

Finishing the final episode of Recovery One (part four) today. As soon as Marketplace posts Part Three, we have it up for you all as well.