Random Thought: Time never moves slower than when you are watching a progress bar. I think there's a special version of hell where you are forced to re-watch your own life as a spectator. I will be particularly upset about all the time I spent watching a blue bar that said 89%.

In other news, I picked Geoff's achievement penance from our contest. He has to get the "7 Day Survivor" Achievement from Dead Rising. It's my most memorable award in any game and requires you to play for literally 14 hours straight. No saves, no powering down. It's the marathon of the gaming world. There are entire FAQs dedicated to this Achievement and theories on using the Xbox controller's auto-off feature to help you time your Frank feedings. The best part is, I know it will tie up his console for at least two days which will help me get an even further lead on him. If he tries to do it at the office, I will personally unplug the box when he's not looking.

Basically, the Achievement requires you to stay alive in a zombie infested mall for 7 "days" of gameplay, where each day lasts 2 hours real time. And, you can't just find a safe place to sit and leave your box on. The character, Frank, has a slowly degenerating health bar, so you have to venture into the mall to find food. You have to feed him at least once every 15 minutes, assuming your little shopping trips don't further drain your health with all the zombie encounters. It's a really unique game type and I think only a handful of people have the achievement. I got it about three months after the game came out and I was ranked 19th in the world at the time. I wasn't even going for rank, just trying to get the Achievement to finish out the game. I have read that some people have made it as far as 14 days (28 hours of gameplay). I don't see how that is possible.

I see that he is bitching on the main page about my choice. He says he needs to finish the game to even unlock the Survival mode. I don't think finishing a game like Dead Rising is a chore, he should have done it a year ago. And, I would like to point out that I actually have this Achievement myself, it's not like I tried to lay something impossible on him. Let's see if he has the same standards as I do when he wins a contest. I think his scariest item in the trophy case is his "1 star to 6 star" Achievement in NCAA 08. I just want to warn him publicly that I can lay "100% Lego Star Wars Complete" on him at a moments notice. You want an escalation to the conflict, Geoff? I'll go toe to toe with you.