The Pinnacle of my Life

7 years ago

Tomorrow is going to be the coolest day of my life.

I've been working with the Alamo Drafthouse to set up what would be my Make-a-Wish 'wish', except I'm not dieing of some rare disease. My wish: A reunion screening of The Wizard with Fred Savage in attendance.

It's happening. Tomorrow.

I've worked with Ain't It Cool News, The Alamo Drafthouse, and Nerdcore to set up this once-in-a-lifetime event. We managed to the get director, Fred Savage, and Luke Edwards (the kid who played The Wizard) to all come down to Austin to have two super-special screenings with Q&As afterwards.

...and I get to introduce it all.

The Wizard is seriously my favorite movie of all time, and I get to present it on the big screen to two sold out theaters. Holy crap that is so awesome. Tickets for the event sold out in THIRTY MINUTES.

I seriously may be struck by lightning before the week is out...if I do, know that i lived a happy life.

Oh, and my stinky challenge is going to start should join, you could win a year subscription to GameFly just by getting achievement points.


Comments (19)

  • VertigoX


    7 years ago

    That was a great film. I remember watching it and thinking it was amazing. Then Mario 3 was played and I was blown away :)

  • DarthMorlock


    7 years ago

    Hey Jack, How did the screening go?

  • charizardag


    7 years ago

    I have got to see this movie, I saw the trailer and it looks great.

  • Gamerkid0204


    7 years ago

    this is a freaking awesome movie...i watched it today

  • FinchLynch


    7 years ago

    And if Jenny Lewis was a complete failure, she would be there as well. </burn>

    Also, best fred savage scene is in The Rules of Attraction: "I can feel my dick!"

  • comanblo


    7 years ago

    Sad to say that I've never seen it but will look it up immediately!

  • reygar


    7 years ago

    OMG that feakin epic!!! you are AWESOME!!!!

  • ZeinaZ


    7 years ago

    'I love the power glove, Its so bad' I want the power glove then Id wear it and be a bad ass

  • dragonlady


    7 years ago

    Ok, when you're up there introducing this event, try not to have a nerdgasm in front of hundreds of people, ok? Oh, and although it may be a night you'll always remember as the best of your life, Fred still probably won't respect you in the morning. smiley0.gif

  • MariaDawn


    7 years ago

    A fave movie of mine as well, congrats on getting it all put together! You'll have to let us know how it turns out. =)