Exciting times

7 years ago

July is going to be awesome.

First, 4th of July and a three day weekend.

Second, I'm headed out to San Jose for a week. I'm sure the meetings will suck, but if I remember corporate culture correctly, people from out of town get to go drink every night.

and C), I'm skipping my wife's famliy reunion and flying from San Jose to LA to see a great fight card. Possibly one of the greatest.

Also, it's 10am on a Thursday and I'm not wearing pants. And even if I had to put on pants, I wouldn't even know where to begin looking. I think I'll have a margarita.

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  • RoosterTusks


    2 years ago

    drink one for all of us dan!

  • killstat


    3 years ago

    I know this journal is old just wanted to say heard you on one of the old podcasts and had to say wish you were around more often.

  • popsamite


    3 years ago

    I hope ur not pulling your hammies
    ...I'm so funny
    And full of myself

  • DonutNCoffee


    5 years ago

    Greetings Dan Godwin. I am the creator of the Donut & Caboose Fan Club. I invite you to join this fan club out of mutual gain. You endorse this group, more people come to like you, increasing your fan base, and the hit RoosterTeeth series Red vs Blue ratings go higher. While my, or our, group becomes more popular. With you endorsing this group, the only direction either of us could go is up. Please give this offer some thought and respond whenever you please.

  • Yunchang05


    6 years ago

    How do I get your job? Can you teach me?

  • MakPhee


    6 years ago

    Why are you never on? Do you still hang out with the rest of RT or do you hate them because you're depressed about not being in RvB anymore?

    EDIT: Or another hatable reason?

    Post edited 11/06/08 2:18PM

  • zack

    zack W^_^W

    7 years ago

    I had a dream about you.

  • Sheahan0


    7 years ago

    in reply to the guy in the first comment

    mines in 20 days

  • Corey1147


    7 years ago

    youre gonna be at the fight?... lucky, maybe ill see you on tv.

  • Joe


    7 years ago

    Happy Independence Day