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Introduce Yourself!

Okay, we've had a lot of newbies enter the LFTO thread. While you all may have good intentions, if you don't know what we're talking about (or what you're talking about), then posting something could get you flamed. My thread decay theorem (named after topic creator Shabobble) outlines why this happens and what we can do to combat it. Thus, I've set up a journal to introduce new members to this thread.

New Site Members: If you're new to the Red vs. Blue forums, go to the First Stop forums first. They'll tell you all the basics of how the site works.

About LFTO:
Our humble community started as a list of questions posted by Shabobble. Over time, it has evolved into a catch-all plot hole analysis group for Red vs. Blue. In it, we discuss the ins and outs of how Project Freelancer works, character motivations, the nature of AIs, etc. As long as you have a little proof to back up your claims, no theory is too ridiculous for us.

Our community has also expanded into other projects, including podcasting (the LFTO Shizno and Grifball (team name TBA). The group forum also has an active Riddle Thread.

Because this is an analysis group, anything related to it will contain massive spoilers for the Blood Gulch Chronicles and the Recollection trilogy. If you haven't seen either, then what are you doing here? Go to the archives and at least finish watching the latest season, then come back. We're not going anywhere.

Thread Guidelines:
Personally, I think the idea of thread "rules" is restricting, but it's a good idea to follow these guidelines, especially if you're new to the thread.

1) This is a theory group. Don't claim something's a fact unless it is, and make sure you know what you're talking about. Use the index to help with that.
2) We are a team. No one person has the answer, so expect some constructive criticism.
3) Don't bring up old topics unless you have something new to add. This especially applies to stuff from the first page - the quickest way to get flamed is to bring up the "Tex is Nevada" debate. Use the links in the index to check what's already been discussed.
4) The burden of proof is on the person who proposes the new idea. While we accept (and even encourage) off-the-wall ideas, if you can't give a good reason for them, then it probably isn't worth noting.
5) Flaming is lame. This thread nearly fell apart several times because two people tried to settle their differences by yelling at each other. Be tolerant of others' ideas, and try to explain why somebody sucks instead of simply saying that they suck.
6) Don't force the discussion. We admit it: sometimes we can't think of anything to figure out and go off-topic. When that happens, you can either go with the flow or suggest a new topic to discuss and take apart. Don't simply yell at us and say "Stop being off-topic!" Some people already tried that, and we're tired of that shtick.
7) Have fun! None of us are here to write our graduate thesis. Let loose, and don't expect everyone to be serious 100% of the time.

Using the Index:
The link index is a general resource for both regulars and newcomers. If you've forgotten a detail about Season 1, or want to find a specific quote, you can use the links provided to do so. If you're new to the group and have an idea you want to post, you should look through the "Confirmed/Debunked Theories" and the Theory Resource lists before you do - someone may have posted it before.

If any of you have the clever idea of using this journal to introduce a friend or loved one to Red vs. Blue, or to catch yourself up on the internet phenomenon so you can sound cool in front of your friends, you're missing the point. By skipping the videos, you're skipping hundreds of funny or awesome moments that should be experienced first hand. Go to the archives, meet the characters, and figure out why this series is so popular in the first place.

Note that we don't include Halo resources in the index. While Red vs. Blue draws from Halo's backstory, its narrative is still meant to stand on its own. A healthy knowledge of Halo lore may help put things into a greater context, but it is not required reading.

Resource Link Index - This is where all the good stuff is.

Color Coding: In this thread and group, green means sarcasm, and character quotes are usually done with their character's color (bow chicka bow wow). While this system is useful, try not to abuse it. It gets annoying after a while.
First Post!: In the main thread, if you get the first post of a new page, you should post a link to this journal. That way, other newcomers can find their way to this guide. Copy this stuff below or use the LFTO Link Script (see Index) to make it easy.

[link=/members/journal/entry.php?id=2174766]Newcomers, read this first.[/link]
Then, [link=/groups/profile.php?id=55]go join our group.[/link]

Phew. Now that we got that out of the way, feel free to join the discussion. Seriously, if you cared enough to read this journal, you'll do fine.