Mini Life Update (Because Kari asked)

7 years ago

I don't really talk much about myself on here.. but I figured I would drop an update. Work is going pretty well.. I had some issues this week with me getting involved in something I shouldn't have been.. dealing with finance and leasing of my hardware.. but it's resolved for the moment and calmed down a lot. I've been studying for some more Cisco stuff.. and have for the past few months.. going for my CCNP.. I passed the 1st test roughly 1 month ago after 2+ months of studying.. and then I passed the 2nd one last week .. I've got 2 more before I can call myself a CCNP. Once that's out of the way.. I will probably start looking for something more in network engineering as that's where I want to go.. and the job I have probably won't last but another 2 years tops (in it's current form). It's turning into something that I really don't want to do.. I'm a technical hands on guy.. unless im building something, designing something, fixing something, or destroying something in my daily job.. then I'm not that happy.. The job is cool though, since im literally one of the only server/IT guys on sight.. I fix a lot of things that should be done by other people.. but at the same time, my boss and others don't know what's going on so they don't really bother me or nag me about what I'm doing.

As for personal life.. meh I don't have much of one.. I hang out with my ex roomates from time to time, but mostly I do stuff alone.. Last weekend though I went up with my ex roomates to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.. it was AWESOME..!

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  • SloeBombFizz


    7 years ago

    There's something reassuring about being the go-to guy who is needed for everyone's problems. Just so long as it doesn't get overwhelming or denigrate to the point where they expect you to change toner in the printers or other moron work because there's electronics in the object.

    Lowell observatory. Cool.

  • verykari


    7 years ago

    Wow, the work stuff is pretty serious. I'm so proud of you though for continuing your education and moving forward in pursuit of your goals.

    I haven't been to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. Exactly what do they do? Was it mostly astronomy? Where you there for a specific event?

    Thanks for humoring me and posting this.


  • magickmaster


    7 years ago

    you pretty much know what's going on with me..