So, I finished posting the Character Stats for all 5 RvB: Blood Gulch Chronicles (including Out of Mind) earlier today. The links are provided below for easy access.

smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 1 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 2 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 3 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 4 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue: Out of Mind Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 5 Statistics

*Each colored line is a link ya doofus.*


The Little Project!!!!

So, about a week ago, I was really bored, & decided to record an A Cappella version of the "Blood Gulch Blues, Bloody Mix" to see what it would sound like.

Then I got Cheryl involved and had her sing the higher part on the track after I finished it. Being slightly unfamiliar with the (what I believe) intricate harmonies of Mr. Nico Rowland's music in Trocadero, she had a little trouble at the beginning of the song. But, rather than go back & record it over & over, I just wanted everything to be done in one take, so I left it sounding just a little bit off.

Well, Cheryl then came up with the (genius) idea, because it sounded a little off, to make an opening to Season 3 from Caboose's point of view. I thought it was a hilarious concept. I drew up a bunch of pictures on MS Paint from Caboose's point of view, following the DVD Opening of Seasons 3 & 4.

I remember looking through Joels image gallery & seeing a little drawn Caboose with a superhero cape or something, so I took my inspiration from that when I drew each character.

Martha, if you read this, try not to laugh too hard at our singing. Like I said, it was all one take on everything.

This is your chance to hear a little bit of my vocal percussion, multi-tracked, & available to...listen to...or whatever.

We (Cheryl & I) hope you enjoy it.

Caboose's RvB DVD Opening

--Constant Vigilance--