#213: Stat Links, & The Project Revealed

7 years ago

So, I finished posting the Character Stats for all 5 RvB: Blood Gulch Chronicles (including Out of Mind) earlier today. The links are provided below for easy access.

smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 1 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 2 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 3 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 4 Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue: Out of Mind Statistics
smiley9.gifRedvsBlue Season 5 Statistics

*Each colored line is a link ya doofus.*


The Little Project!!!!

So, about a week ago, I was really bored, & decided to record an A Cappella version of the "Blood Gulch Blues, Bloody Mix" to see what it would sound like.

Then I got Cheryl involved and had her sing the higher part on the track after I finished it. Being slightly unfamiliar with the (what I believe) intricate harmonies of Mr. Nico Rowland's music in Trocadero, she had a little trouble at the beginning of the song. But, rather than go back & record it over & over, I just wanted everything to be done in one take, so I left it sounding just a little bit off.

Well, Cheryl then came up with the (genius) idea, because it sounded a little off, to make an opening to Season 3 from Caboose's point of view. I thought it was a hilarious concept. I drew up a bunch of pictures on MS Paint from Caboose's point of view, following the DVD Opening of Seasons 3 & 4.

I remember looking through Joels image gallery & seeing a little drawn Caboose with a superhero cape or something, so I took my inspiration from that when I drew each character.

Martha, if you read this, try not to laugh too hard at our singing. Like I said, it was all one take on everything.

This is your chance to hear a little bit of my vocal percussion, multi-tracked, & available to...listen to...or whatever.

We (Cheryl & I) hope you enjoy it.

Caboose's RvB DVD Opening

--Constant Vigilance--

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  • microbot001


    5 years ago

    PS. to the PS. I'm new, like first day new, how do you mod?

  • microbot001


    5 years ago

    That was a five star point of view of caboose's mind! Amazing from start to finish! I know it was posted a year ago, and probably no one will see this, but I don't care!
    PS. what's the song?

  • Griffin051


    6 years ago

    You have talent, and a very strange ability to see things through cabooses perspective. Might want to get that checked out. Please continue and make more like it.

  • AmariT


    6 years ago

    Thanks for both the stats and the video. Lovin' it.

  • fnbitch


    7 years ago

    I loved it! The "drummimg" was awesome and the "little off" made it that much more RvB!
    Excellent! smiley0.gif

  • Raptor_Alpha


    7 years ago

    Someone has been keeping busy. (Besides me...which is why I've been AWOL from here)

  • asianSmirk


    7 years ago

    Awesome, I was going to ask you if you could make one journal entry with the links to all of your stats on it, but you've got it done! (Would you mind if I directed people to this entry? I think what you've done took a lot of time && effort, and I want everyone to see it!!) :: In response to your guys' "little project" here's what I said on Cher's entry.

  • StrixAlpha


    7 years ago

    Holy crap awesome.

  • that_cow_guy


    7 years ago

    Too lazy to sign on to my youtube account so I'll say it here: I could have done it better.

    JK man. YOu and Cher rock.

  • fritzmonkey


    7 years ago

    Nice vocal drumming VocalDrummer!