What a day

6 years ago

I had zero plans of making this journal but two things happened today that changed my mind.

First off. Last Friday. The conversation went like this.

Amy: Hey Keith. I just had an interesting conversation about you. Want to hear about it?
Me: Not really.
Amy: Well, a slot tech by the name of Tabatha thinks your cute.

My reaction was simply not believing her. Now I don't think I told too many people. Back in October I asked her out to lunch. Twice. The first time she said she'd think about it, the second time she said she had to behave because she was seeing someone.

Now Amy knows that I like her.

So as I said, I didn't belive her, simply because she knew I liked her and she has a boyfriend.

Turns out she wasn't lying. Tabatha really said it. Confimred by Tabatha herself and even brought up by herself. Along these lines.

Tabatha: So, I tell someone I think your cute, and you don't belive her.
Me: .............

Yeah, I was speechless. Eventually I told her why. I was just so shocked.

So that didn't leave me confused at all.

But ultimately. It still doesn't matter because as far as I know, she has a boyfriend. But I'd be lying if I said I havn't thought about growing my hair out a bit more...because she said I look better with longer hair.

I'm trying to get over her, that didn't help.

But at 2:40am. About 10 minutes ago. The Sheriff came by. Apparently someone saw someone (Me) going into a car (Mine) with a ski mask on. He took my name, and number. Asked me if there was going to be any reports tomorrow about things missing from cars.

I said they better not. I offered to show him my License and the registration for the car.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't paranoid that someone steals stuff from cars and lists me as a prime suspect. Course, if they really wanted they could follow my tracks...that are in the snow.

The moral of the story? Fuck if I know. that's the only fresh air I get when I work 12 hours a day.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.


Comments (12)

  • messenjah


    6 years ago

    it'll always be hard
    just hope you get through it and find something worthwhile

  • humbledone


    6 years ago

    Well, it is great that a lady likes you but damn she has a boyfriend.

    Sucks about the cops, did you ever figure out what book to give your mom?

  • sandoutlawed


    6 years ago

    Um, so she likes you huh. What exactly did she expect to come of that, is she looking for a way out of the current boyfriend or just messing with you?

    Have fun with the cops smiley0.gif

  • Gael


    6 years ago

    Very funny about the cop. The thought that I might be perceived as a burglar crossed my mind recently when the temp was in the low singles here. My sister's car takes forever to heat up so I wore my face shield (I have like a ninja-style face mask, and a black balaclava) one day when I took her car out just to keep warm. I brought them home to go running in, but as I'm leaving my neighborhood, I wondered what it must look like...

  • ErokDragun

    ErokDragun Just here

    6 years ago

    if she is coming on to you, and has a boyfriend, then you can be the asshole who fucks some dudes chick..but like Troy said...dont date her, just fuck her.

    funny thing about the cop....kind of refreshing that people still watch out for others though

  • Sphynx21


    6 years ago

    that is one hell of a day, props all around though and sounds like you're layin the groundwork for somethin good

  • SharpAsATack


    6 years ago

    Hopefully you don't have a ski mask hidden anywhere in your house.

  • ringo6483


    6 years ago

    Well, you are cute, silly. What you aren't, is a criminal. <3

  • troy0891


    6 years ago

    From a girls perspective: I think a lot of guys are cute. Their level of cuteness does not change with my level of availability. Cute does not mean I want you in my pants. It's possible she likes you and is discontent in her current relationship. But until she ends it, keep far away from her. Seriously. If she would cheat on him, she will cheat on you. And that is BAD news. It's also possible that her saying you were cute didn't necessarily reflect any interest in getting involved with you. Although, the fact that she brought it up... it's a little suspicious. If you think you really like her, try to find out if she's with someone else. But seriously, if she is, and she's flirting with you anyways, don't touch her with a 10 foot pole.

  • homebrew


    6 years ago

    Long hair always gets chicks. Trust me on this one.

    But a winning personality gets the chicks crazy.