Well I was going to wait till LN was down and no longer in existence (March 17, 2009) which coincides with my birthday on that day. I am new to this site and NOT a gamer at all. My younger brother owned some and when I went home to visit never really peaked my interest to want to play.

I will give this site a try even if I am only in the LN Group and Texas Longhorn forums for the most part. I might venture out to the other forums but will try to keep in contact with the other LNers that have been sent over here due to the site going bye bye.

I am sure that many LNers feel the same as I do about the site closing and that would be a mix of smiley2.gif and smiley4.gifsmiley5.gif .

Though this site has some of the same features as LN did of course it is still a bit different and I am going to miss that site.

Have a great week chicos and chicas...

btw I am looking forward to one thing on March 17,,,MY BIRTHDAY


A week from today I will be getting ready to head downtown to start drinking around noon and celebrate with my friends. smiley0.gifsmiley12.gif