Finally... no more chick car!

6 years ago


2008 Brand New Toyota Tundra

They were offering $9000 off MSRP. I was able to get into this bad boy and only raise my monthly payments by a few bucks and I am getting back my down payment.

In that payment I've got "Gap Insurance" and a 6 year 75,000 warranty.

I can't say how much this helps me get up out of bed right now. Just to get UP into a truck that makes me feel better. Not to mention it makes me and my family safer!

All hale Toyota! smiley0.gif

Flash OUT!

Comments (10)

  • salann


    6 years ago

    Even Dodge Truck Owner JT thought it was a mean machine this got the REAL truck owner seal of

    I guess we'll have to find something else to pick on you for now that you no longer have a chick car

  • nikodyn


    6 years ago

    THIS is the ONLY Toyota I would buy.

  • La_bella


    6 years ago

    Nice truck!!! Congrats!

  • Toddt1


    6 years ago

    Flash I love it! I have been thinking about going to a Toyota myself! I love their trucks now! They look so good! I have always had a Ford! My uncle has worked for Ford for 30 something years and he just retired!

  • DongZilla


    6 years ago

    Nicely done. Now you need to get a blowie in the new truck.

  • utkevin66


    6 years ago

    Hey, a Toyota. "A real truckers truck". Howie Long is gonna kick you're butt.

  • JeffnBrandi


    6 years ago

    Sweet ride! i love my 2007 5.7 liter toyota tundra! i have put over 50,000 miles on it and have done nothing but regular service at this time! So much Power!

  • lilribbit


    6 years ago

    Awww...I like it! Congrats on the new truck!

  • latweety23


    6 years ago

    Hellz to the yeah Toyota....

    (says another Toyota driver) smiley0.gif

  • PGM35


    6 years ago

    Congrats!!! It's a very nice looking truck!