I am such a scardy cat when it comes to Dentists because I have had some very bad experiences with them in the past. Went to see one for pulling of a wisdom tooth and let's just say he did not wait for the numbing to fully kick in and started yanking away. After I kept asking him to stop his response was, 'I am almost done so let me just get this one last piece.'

I swore them off for a while and decided to go find a new one which I LOVE LOVE LOVE...he has taken care of me for a few years and when another two wisdom teeth needed to come out..I had no pain whatsover. Hell i was able to go out that night and enjoy Cedar Street.

BUT as it turns out this dentist has moved his practice out of reach for me to get there and be able to do my job. My bosses are butts when it comes to time off for some and not others so it has lead me to have to find a new one. It has been a bit since I had gone to see my old dentist and now going to go see some woman dentist and start over. I get to go in today at 3 p.m. for a new patient visit. I am soooooo scared of what she is going to say and how she is going to treat me. I have heard good things but I am still a bit freaked out. I am glad she is in my Dental Plan and not considered out of network. I made a few calls to some and they told me that they are out of network so at this time asking for the whole amount up front. ummmm then why the hell would i have a Dental plan...if making me pay everything up front. HELLO!!!! No thanks...

So wish me luck that I get to smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif this dentist as much as my previous one. smiley7.gif