So, Uh...

6 years ago

I guess I somehow got entered into this, which by looking at the contestants I assume is the work of Felicks (Very flattering, by the way). So, I guess it's time to rally the troops. Come on people! We have 3 days to get Felicks, Michy, Megafire, and I on to round 2! Any help in advertising would be very much appreciated.
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  • sparta704


    6 years ago

    It's been a good first round, I'm sorry that you won't make it into the second round. [tomorrow is the beginning of the 2nd round.]

    It was a great first round actually..a lot of ties and a lot of good match ups.

  • f3licks


    6 years ago

    Oh noes, I's been found out. smiley8.gif