Well...I do have a lot more energy than the past few years. I think I've finally just had it with being broken. FUCK DA SYSTEM! Not really, they still need to take care of my fat ass...apparently, PTSD is really no fun. I've tried support groups, in-patient, therapy...they all suck. How do explain to someone who has never experienced something what it's like?? They only people who have some idea is other vets, and some of them, well, they scare me a bit. Some of my Army buds are cool, but some of the crazier Nam-era guys sometimes freak me out. Speaking of Nam, I have weird dreams about being there,a nd I met somebody who was in one of my dreams. It was a bit strange that I could recall to him certain aspects of a patrol that was a bit hush-hush at the time (River patrol...very odd considering until I asked him I never really knew how extensive they were). Weird. Also, some other fun repressed memories have come up. Thank God for therapy, it's great for making you more miserable! I guess it'll get worse before it gets better.

I just got back from SC too, and I found myself a house which is PERFECT. And then some! It literally has more than I could ever ask for. Including a pool and jacuzzi tub. However, no barn. But, for 5 grand, I think I can throw one up out back. It's all gravy. Now if I can get my SS in order...stupid jerks are still working on my case. I can't believe how long it takes to look at a file and say, hmm...looks pretty bad. Oh well. At least I'm off meds, feeling better and getting around better. Kinda. I took a 3 mile walk the other day in the SC sun. Then it started pouring. Go figure. Then I almost cried for three hours when the pain hit me.

I would have kept going but the rain stopped me, I swear! I had fun though. I went riding yesterday, which felt GREAT. I was able to climb up FROM THE GROUND which I haven't done since after my leg was declared..well...not so great. I redid the inside of the coop too. I took out the HUGE boxes we had, and replaced them with five small boxes. The chickens are so happy. I am too. I also put in some new perches since the chicks will be out there in the next couple weeks after this growth spurt they are going through. YAY!!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading through some of the stuff everybody has posted, probably not stuff that was older from the last time I was on...lol...sorry!!! Thanks to everybody for wishing their veterans (and me!) a happy Memorial Day! I hope yours was fun too!!