(Just kidding)
Part D.2

Moving right up to Cornwell now Radcot speaks to him.
“You Special Agent Cornwell,†says Radcot with a bitterness to his voice.

“Yes I am, what of it†was the responds of Cornwell to Radcot adding just as much bitterness to his voice.

“I have been given orders to uncaught you to the infirmary, to equip up amd get briefed.†Radcot trails off.

“Ok lead the way.†repieled Cornwell, this time with not as much bitterness to his voice.

“Yes Sir†said Radcot taking the lead with Cornwell close behind him.

Reaching the infirmary Radcot stops his hand at the door.
“What….what is it†Said Cornwell senseing something wrong.
“NOTHING†was the reply of Joseph Radcot.
“Don’t lie I order you to tell me.â€Â

Warrant Officer Radcot, turns around to look straight at Cornwell, although all Cornwell could see was his reflection of himself in Radcot’s Visor.

“Tell me†said Cornwell in another ordering tone.

“My unit…..is dead†replied Stalin with a growl,†THey died fighting that bastard, and I was not there to help them.
Cornwell stood there quietly dumb struck.

“Hurry up then, there waiting for you…..Sir.â€Â

Cornwell moves past Radcot and opens the door and walks throught it, hear as he goes a armoured fist hitting the wall hard.

Stopping Cornwell sees Dr Carlson on a chair in the middle of the room with a Corprail standing next to him in tech feteges.

“Are Cornwell good you’re here, come in, and lets see you leg then†Said Dr Carlson.

Walking in fever into the room, Cornwell notices that there is someone else in the room to, a young lady lening against the wall of the door he just came in from, she was wearing a freelancer amour with here helmet of. But before he could describe anything else Dr Carlson started to speak again.

“Oh yeahâ€Â, spoke Dr Carlson to Cornwell, “May I please introduce you to Agent Maryland“.

((Yeah sorry about the two parts it was to long or something and cut it out))