New Microphone and... Soundboard

6 years ago

well my Buddy Dman Ordered a new microphone for his podcast which is a nice Microphone dont get me wrong but i wanted to get this equipment for other reasons which will be revealed on down the road and i personally dont like just USB condenser mics so i just sold a bunch stuff and got a ton of cash and i just ordered a Few things you might like to see
A BEHRINGER XENYX 1222FX which has a USB interface

A Heil PR-40. it is a great microphone i will tell you Many Radio stations use these type of mics and it is such a top quality mic


(not pictured) i got a Heil VACPR40 Popless Filter to go in front of the mic to cut down on excess noise

I also got the Heil SM-2B Shock Mount

now i did not want to have the microphone on my desk so i got the Luxo Heavy Duty Mic Arm so it could be mounted with the clamp

So here is what my end result will be

I think it will be Awesome when it is all set up and ready to go, the soundboard may not fit on my desk (LOL) so i may have to build a stand for it

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  • Dman82


    6 years ago

    In reply to TeamSniper, #2:

    I think you just got owned Dman.

    I'm not rich like he is.

  • raz0rblade


    6 years ago

    Niiiiiiice........I think I just got a boner.


  • EHaley


    6 years ago

    In reply to Dman82, #1:

    I think you just got owned Dman. (I think I like the condenser better though) But nice setup. Does this mean more CBR, or something else?

  • Dman82


    6 years ago

    I just ordered my AT2020 USB condenser mic. I won't have my shockmount or stand until next month.