OK - so I have been really lazy about reading and commenting on journals. I'm still here, just not completely here. I spend a lot of time on Facebook's Mafia Wars. It's a dumb game that I'll probably be giving up soon. I spend way too much time on there and it's JUST A GAME! I have to keep saying that or I forget it!

MIke had an accident at work (2 weeks ago this Friday) and lost his job last week. So we are on the hunt for something bigger and better. Everyone is always telling him he looks like a cop so I think he is considering going that route. He went to the Texas Workforce Commission (ie unemployment office) and got some good info for Veterans programs and they really helped him out with his resume and the start of the job search. I am impressed with his efforts so far - it's probably not easy to not want to sit at home all day and goof off. He has the GI Bill for about 5 more years and they give Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) - not sure if I got that right or not, but money to go to school, and if he can get that and unemployment and tuition for the training program he wants paid for, then we won't be doing too bad. It'll be tight for a while but I've been there before. Not what I told my date. LOL

Take care everyone and hopefully with the start of football season, more of my old friends will be here at RT and make this a more enjoyable site for me. Happy Tuesday.