Looks like another bittersweet development in the world of machinima. The Leet World, by the guys at Smooth Few Films recently posted its final episode. Even if you've somehow never seen the show, you have seen some of their work. The SFF guys helped us out on the first episode of Reconstruction with that massive Valhalla scene and contributed voices to the show.

My favorite non-RvB machinima piece has to be SFF's "Day In The Life Of A Turret". Eddy, Nick and Daniel are quality producers and the genre will surely suffer from their absence. In general, more good groups seem to be leaving machinima than entering it. I think that if more developers would reach out to their community producers and give them more opportunities to support their work, we would see a lot more quality projects. Sadly, it's just not the case and trends appear to be pointing in the opposite direction. Some days I fear the machinima movement is running out of gas and Smooth Few taking their leave will only push the needle that much further towards E.

However! The guys have an awesome new project on the horizon. Their live action series, Web Zeroes, was picked up be Revision 3 and will premiere in October. So, while I am sad to see them move on from machinima, I can't wait to see the new series.