You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hi
Stranger: Hello
You: So, do you have a Gold account yet?
Stranger: lolwut?
You: A gold account..
Stranger: What's that?
You: A subscribe-to-Omegle for extra features..
You: Like this
Stranger: ?
You: <Stranger is trying to send you a request to speak using Omegle Voice, which requires an Omegle Gold account. For more information, please visit>
Stranger: ......Seriously?
You: Yeah
Stranger: That's awsom
You: I know, right?
Stranger: How come it wont come up?
You: What won't come up?
Stranger: That accounts.omegle site
You: I dunno... I'm on it
Stranger: It says that it doesn't exist
You: Okay...? Sounds like your computer sucks
Stranger: Not really I got it a week ago
You: What browser are you using?
Stranger: Firefox
You: Have you upgraded to FF5 yet?
Stranger: There isn't a 5 yet. There's a Beta for 4 but no 5, dipshit.
You: You know this how?
Stranger: I googled it just now.
You: Try Googling Omegle Accounts
Stranger: How come nothing comes up?
You: Because you touch your neighbors dog inappropriately when they're gone.
Stranger: I can't find it.
Stranger: ....You faggot
You: =D
Your conversational partner has disconnected.