Serious Business

5 years ago

I have a poll for thee. It is of dire nature and consequence.

I haven't Mind left to ponder it on me own time.

Ergo, I give the decision to the masses....unless the masses are indecisive and weird.

Comments appreciated!!!!

=_= ~*(cyh)*

PS: Forgive the odd speech pattern shift. I'm reading Sherlock Holmes for my Brit Lit class and I just L smiley12.gif VE that kind of English.

Comments (9)

  • corky64


    5 years ago

    I Don't like the Portal canon... No possibility for crossovers now! >_<

  • Cyh


    5 years ago

    In reply to metallavery, #7:

    I might actually do that, depending on whether or not I can get all those stupid radios...

  • metallavery


    5 years ago

    In reply to Cyh, #6:

    you MUST do the new ending because when protal 2 comes out you have to mind that and it will be confusing if you dont.

  • Cyh


    5 years ago

    In reply to Yaini, #4:

    A: The original ending, where Chell lands outside and it fades to black, then cake, then "Still Alive".

    B: The new ending, where Chell lands outside and gets dragged back inside by the Party Escort Bot., followed by fade to black, cake, and "Still Alive."

  • SerenityCeCe


    5 years ago

    You should really do C. It's weird that Chell's still conscious when the robot is dragging her away.

  • Yaini


    5 years ago

    What's the difference between A and B?

  • Cyh


    5 years ago

    In reply to dougss, #1:

    ~_~ I'm well aware of that. Had it not been truth, I would not have become a sponsor here...or even started Chell's Mind. WEIRD IS THE MOTHER OF THE INTERNET! XD

    In reply to Reaper86, #2:

    Um...all of them! I just finished the very first one, where Watson meets Holmes...A Study in Scarlet. We're reading at least half of the stories before moving on to Jack the Ripper. I adore Watson and Holmes, though. Such a fantastic team.

  • Reaper86


    5 years ago

    Crap. I meant to click C.

    C is for Crap! IT'S ALL FULL CIRCLE.

    And Sherlock Holmes is bomb. Which story are you reading??

  • dougss


    5 years ago

    It's the internet.
    We're weird.