After a short announcement over the dome-wide intercom system, there was a moment of silence. A commemoration of the day that humanity nearly was extinguished from this world and the passing of the man who provided our people with the warning and means to withstand the danger that faced them.

Several years ago, scientists studying the sun began noticing small fluctuations in the energy of the core reverberating all the way to its surface. The scientists noted and kept watch for more of these variations in energy for a couple years, however red flags began raising when these fluctuations became increasingly powerful. Four years after these occurrences began, Dr. Glazdon Letaro, the head of the Outer Space Solar Analyzation and Research Department (OSSARD), began formulating a theory that in fact the core of the Sun was in fact reaching a limitation in its processes yet unknown to science. He felt that the worst case scenario would be that the core or the sun was tearing itself apart and would eventually destroy itself. After working further into the possibilities, he put his findings into a presentation that included possible scenarios and even went as far to include potential solutions and preventative measures. He brought his findings before the House of Representatives but they did not feel that there was enough truly supportive evidence to prove even the best case in his findings. Another year passed and the fluctuations continued to worsen as if the star was suffering from an internal battle. With more data, Glazdon decided not to make the same mistake twice and took his findings to the United Nations. With his improved presentation and an included live feed from a satellite telescope showing the shifting light and energy of the star, representatives were still skeptical. However Russia and Germany agreed that it was better to be prepared for something as dire as this and the remaining countries followed suit.

Preparations were made and the instability of the sun increased. Resources were set aside and the foundations laid for the preventative measures and for a time nothing significant happened. But on August 16th, 2010, the worst thing that could have happened…did. Like a magic trick, the Sun winked out of existence and a moment later a blinding flash of light exploded out and disappeared just as quick. Scientists dismissed the secondary explosion as an ambient energy release from the density of the Sun’s collapse. Fortunately there was ample time to prepare and domes were erected around the world’s larger cities and their surrounding areas. The science behind the counter-measures is relatively simple, but at the same time the logistics necessary for such feats is difficult to fully understand.

It’s been 1400 years since that day and technology has advanced significantly. The domed cities have emergency self-repair systems and are connected by vast underground networks that are protected from the frigid cold the planet now finds itself in. Heat is created by small artificial suns at the ceiling of each dome, placed in special spherical housings that block the ultraviolet radiation as well as automatically shade to mimic the sun’s passage through the day back when it was still present. Culture however has not advanced quite as much and many of the styles and practices from that era are still used. Holograms, highly advanced medicine, and many other breakthroughs have been made. Also with the fall of the sun, mankind’s subconscious need for battle and combat has been relatively quelled and replaced with survival and advancement. However in the interest of self protection and forethought should a threat ever arise, they continued and advanced their weaponry and military strength as a background project. In the process, police and military positions merged into the same designation with the more isolated lifestyle humanity now lives. Firearms are still projectile based but are optimized to where the strength of a Desert Eagle is packed down into a 9mm without the drawbacks. Similar comparisons can be made to the other grades of firearms (rifles, shotguns, etc.).

It is fortunate that their fighting power was kept relatively current as a new enemy has risen that thrives in the cold of the outside world. No one knows where they came from or what they’re after, but they have shown to have the power of manipulation over cold temperatures, able to produce and utilize ice as well as create concentrated winds using pressure changes caused by the lower temps. The name that has been given to them is the Caldaj, and the defining feature that seems to attract the most attention is their almost glowing ice blue eyes. The attacks have been completely random by all appearances so far. The foot soldiers of the enemy have significant stamina and endurance (It takes about half a clip of ammo in the chest to incapacitate them) while shadowy figures that appear human in form have been spotted in the background and are believed to be the leaders of this force. The domes that have been attacked recover and study what happened, even retrieving specimens of the enemy soldiers. However dissections have yielded no findings on how they are able to control the cold temperatures with such precision. For now measures are being made to protect against such attacks, but they have yet to be put into place and with no telling when and where the next attack will be there are currently no real countermeasures except putting as many holes in as many enemies as possible.