Okay, it's been almost four months

5 years ago

I'll make a journal.


Uh, okay, how about a question. When and where did you meet your best friend?

And don't say the internet.


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  • whosmisled


    4 years ago

    18ish years ago when his older brother sang for my first band.

  • BasketOfFish


    5 years ago

    Boy scouts! Summer after 5th grade.

  • Duc102

    Duc102 Emperor of the Forum Mod

    5 years ago

    15 years ago in some meeting for Indian Guides which was like a knock-off boyscouts thing. We ended up going to the same schools since kindergarten.

  • invisiblepen


    5 years ago

    First one was third grade we sat across from each other in class. We were both the only tomboys in our grade.
    Second one we had the same Philosophy and Music classes 10th grade (we dated, thought it was for the best to not anymore).
    Third one was working at Tower Records, we started the same day.

  • jason

    jason STAFF AND A HALF

    5 years ago

    That was 20 years ago.

  • jason

    jason STAFF AND A HALF

    5 years ago

    At school, in 5th grade. We hated each other first. Now I see the fool almost every day.

  • amber


    5 years ago

    i have a few. but either high school, uni or kindergarten.

  • Count3D

    Count3D Site Admin

    5 years ago

    One of my very best friends was someone I only really got to know well after knowing him for a couple of years in high school. One day in grade 10 he told me his holocaust-survivor aunt had died and he had several hours of video footage of conversations between them. He asked me to make a documentary about her. 7 years ago.

  • FinchLynch


    5 years ago

    Work. I was his boss. He was the hot slut working the grill.

    20 years now.

  • RoadBlock

    RoadBlock DONGS

    5 years ago

    I met my best friend on my 2nd day at OU.

    11 years later, I married her.