Today's comic made me think about all the fond memories i have had with this site. It also made me think about Facebook. I got sad at that point because I realized how much more involved i have become with Facebook in such a short time, but even after years on this site, i haven't gotten involved with community events, i rarely comment on things, and i dont even have many friends.
This is sad because looking at the two sites, rooster teeth is so much better. When they created this site, the Rooster Teeth guys had no idea it would become such an amazing community site. I think it is amazing how complete strangers, similar only in their sense of humor, can come together and do so many great things. When you think about it, Facebook is just a site for people to interact with their friends without being in the same room. But Rooster Teeth, based on what i have seen, has become a site where great people can come together and laugh, attend the occasional community event, or even just play video games. Facebook can't beat that.
So, in closing, happy birthday, here's to 6 more amazing years.