As all Halo titles, the first thing that I always do is play the game throughout on legendary! I picked up the game 4 days late- but was worth the wait.

At first I felt like the game wasn't designed or balanced properly for Legendary which was a problem. The first four levels they give us an invulnerable escort that I can use for a meat shield.

Then around the 7th mission when they introduced the Jet Pack, I realized that they were now giving me team mates that could die. Not only could die but will die, they die the second they enter combat. What's the point in giving me a squad of 4-5 if they die instantly? They were completely worthless!

Now on to the good stuff! Reach sure was good at making me starve for ammo at certain parts of the game. In the final mission I was forced to not only kill a wraith, with nothing other than an assault rifle but also two hunters with a shotgun!

I also felt like they finally got the health system in this game, and the AI is significantly improved. They will flank you if you try to go in for a kill- and you have to get pretty far out of combat for them to forget about you.

The checkpoint system can be really random at times.. unsure if you are going to be able to clear a room? NO problem, just run in circles until you get a checkpoint! Also; see that juicy health pack on the wall? Don't bother grabbing it until after you get your checkpoint!

Plasma Pistols are your best friend in Reach campaign and are an abundance with the amount of grunts. Noob combo is better than ever with the DMR! Also don't forget to unlatch covenant turrets, can't even explain how much easier some rooms were to clear hauling around a stationary plasma turret.

The campaign was short, only 10 missions; and the longest one for me was only 1.5 hours "the 7th mission"!! It's very likely that you may find yourself at a bad checkpoint that seems seemingly impossible with little ammo.

Legendary difficulty wasn't forgiving as always, one strafe in the wrong direction- and the computer will punish you with a thousand fuel rod rockets to the face! Just keep loading your checkpoints and pushing forward! Good luck to all that plan on attempting this feat!

Now that I've been tackling the multiplayer for a while. The play lists sucked at first but thanks to Bungie releasing a speedy play-list update they are now playable. What were they thinking putting Team SWAT in my precious Team Slayer to begin with?

So far I'm not a fan of the true skill system, it seems the more I play all the system knows to do is give me the worse players it can possibly find. i would much rather wait a few extra minutes to get 8 good players in the game! In halo 2 I would have no problem waiting 15+ minutes for match in some hours. Halo 3 was a bit better but that's only because a high percentage of players could easily reach maximum level.

For the actual game play itself, it is unique. I'm still stuck on which load outs to use! When I first started I figured that camouflage would be the only useful one as you can have it up almost 100% in combat. Then I learned that armor lock was far more useful than any of them and is really the only one viable when its available. Regardless of this I still find myself primarily using sprint because of how often I forget to armor lock in clutch situations.

I also feel that the game lacks in multiplayer maps. More so than any of the other Halo titles! The only original Reach maps that I like at the moment are Sword Base and Boardwalk. There are also some good remakes on forgeworld but they are not as good as originals. Like for example on the Ascension remake you take falling damage from taking the lift from rockets to mid- this feels so awkward and out of place.

I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on Reach; also if you play feel free to add my gamertag: Hope and Sorrow. Even if you aren't that amazing I would rather play with people from RvB than randoms that I get paired up with through matchmaking ;)