You know the saying," The grass is greener on the other side". Well, im a victim of a redundant quote.
For the past 10 years, I was running around with my head cut off maintaining a flight schedule. Working for aircrew who thought miracles from the sweat and blood from its workers were common everyday occurances. LONG hours, low pay, hot days, cold nights. Doing the impossible with little support and no thanks. Sounds bad, doesn't it. The kicker is...I was with my people. Men and women who were the same as me. MY BEST FRIENDS. I tell ya, at that time, i wouldnt trade places in the world with anyone. 3am , in Iraq, repairing a RTEF problem that required a new actuator, after the wiring shot good and supply is late, so we CANN from another jet. Turns out that servo is bad, but MAINT CONTROL is convinced its wiring, so we spend 4 hours looking for a bad wire that doesnt exist. We are all pissed off, but we are together.
Now i work in a civilian equivilant, with more pay and less work. I should be happy, and I am. I just have this emptiness that requires the comradery of my fellow Marines who ive been with since it all started. Now its Union this, and political That. you cant joke, or be violent or playful. Dont smile, they may think you are harrassing them. No more breaking in the new guy. No satisfaction in anything except the act you made a paycheck. You know. The war in Iraq was the cause of alot of friendships that will never die. Give me WAR with friends, than peace with strangers