So, in an effort to promote the start of Immersion (TOMORROW) I posted a picture of a cool project from our office on One of our RT members on Reddit totally called me out for posting on Reddit before And he's (she's) completely right. Tomorrow is the "first" episode of Immersion -- but you guys have already seen the pilot so it won't be new new to you. We wanted to surprise you guys with the start of the show by posting that and telling you that seven more episodes will are coming in Nov, Dec and Jan.

Little did I know that our pictures of the Left 4 Dead safe room door would reach the top spot on Reddit. So, here's something cool bundled with an apology and a promise to keep you guys first. <3

We're going to do a longer full office pictorial later this week. I asked Griffon if she could replicate a safe room door using our studio's exit door. She responded by making this:




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