well, i've been working my ass off at my job as of late. 12 hour shifts and loosing part of your weekend should not be a regular thing but it seems like that how things work on this base. suddenly i've been finding myself doing two things all week: work and sleep. that's not really healthy and it causes a lot of stress. that stress only gets worse when you add in the fact that all your family and friends are on the other side of the world when the holidays hit.

i've been away from home for the last 4 years so i should be used to this by now but this is the first time i've been in another country for the holidays. i'm fucking home sick and i hate it! smiley5.gif

the stress gets even worse when i hardly get to talk to my girlfriend. she still lives in the states and doesn't quite understand what military members have to deal with. she's also kinda insecure about herself so he keeps thinking i'm ignoring her when i'm just too tired to do ANYTHING and just wanna sleep instead of chat with her online. (also, you can't fully understand the kinda stuff military members have to deal with unless you've been in the military... no matter how many movies you've seen, books you've read or military members you've lived with or known)

but i have to say i love this little island i live on. i mean who wouldn't, clear blue ocean, nice tropical weather (it's winter and i walk around in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops smiley0.gif ), and really friendly people. the Japanese people are so welcoming and kind as long as you show respect and go along with their customs. if you say something in Japanese they instantly wanna teach you more and will help you out that much more. (also the yakuza are real... but as long as you don't make em angry they are some of the friendliest people here)

luckily, and i hate to admit it, i have been able to escape the real world for a few hours at a time into the world of warcraft. i thought i got away from it but it finally sucked me back in. i'm also really glad i found a good group of people here that play WoW and we all seem to be migrating to the same server and joining our unofficial official guild... Drunk Tanks smiley13.gif . i'm convinced that if all the wow players on this site joined us would could prolly take over the server. it would be epic.

anyhow that's all for me, no one will prolly read this and that's ok. i just felt like doing it so meh to the people who don't care.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!
ApexDragon (omg my name is Brian)