Christ Facebook

4 years ago

You know more about me than I do...

Having a laugh about Jeremy Kyle being on my "people you may know" list, I decided to refresh to see who else came up.

Very quick picture went by and I spotted the first half of a name. Complete panic moment in which I had to go check who it was...

My Facebook has found my ex. Problem is, I have no idea how. XD And now I'm really tempted to add him just to see if he knows how.

(This was from... 4 years ago btw, so Facebook knows its stuff, cause I bloody well forgot it :P )

EDIT: and now it just keeps suggesting Jeremy Kyle and him, argh XD

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  • bernardblack


    4 years ago

    i get the same sort of stuff actually. its gets even weirder, the other day i made a comment that involved jurassic park and gnomes, the next time i load a page theres adds for jurassic park and a gnome convention :|

  • DarkWizzard


    4 years ago

    Actually Facebook has recently let up on installing its hidden cameras and altered its monitoring strategy a bit. You know that guy at the store? The shady looking one who keeps throwing odd looks in your direction? Well that's a Facebook employee, hard at work.

  • TheNefasus

    TheNefasus EtherCreeper

    4 years ago

    I've never been the type to remember peoples names.

    So it's very odd, when facebook points out people who you used to play cards with (in the park near your school, during lunch even though they didn't go to your school and are a few years younger, or older; then you but had cards handy...) and you had completely forgotten they existed and can't figure out what kind of six degrees of seperation paper trail led them back to you, I never even knew their name was Greylichen and that they enjoyed Surfing...

    I mean how does one even surf in Canada?

  • FameWolf


    4 years ago

    I thought it was a well-known fact that Facebook has installed small cameras in everyone's homes to keep track of them better?

    Otherwise, I've had some strange recommendations too... It scares me. I'm doing my best to avoid going onto the site these days unless I need to, but at this rate I'll find it's been following me in the street instead.


  • Nudge1


    4 years ago

    That's not so good and one of the reasons I don't use Facebook very much....

  • Iddstar


    4 years ago

    Eek. Crazy shit right there.

  • FJewel


    4 years ago

    Proves that despite hiding most, if not all I can manage, of my personal information, Facebook still haunts me with pests from my past XD

    That's why I blocked everyone from Old Swinford so I stopped getting the suggestion to add them

  • feyd1


    4 years ago

    Very spooky. Proves you're not cyberstalking properly eh?

  • FJewel


    4 years ago

    I'm wondering if it's his end, cause it suggests adding people based on MSN; and if he still has my e-mail (which is the one I use for FB due to all the crap it sends) then that may be it

    Still freaky as hell though seen as it was over 4 years ago

  • DocRossim


    4 years ago

    That's creepy...
    I think it does it according who your friends are also friends with and who those friends are friends with and if anyone is a common friend to many of your friends' friends then it's likely you know them too... or something.
    Either that or you have ticked something that let them put a mind-reading chip in your head after all.