My son yesterday dropped a stunning revelation while looking at a the Toy Story 3 coloring book. "Mom! Rex is an Allosaurus!" I'm like, whut?

He pulls out his T-Rex toy as reference. "See! A Tyrannosaurus has only 2 fingers. Rex has 3. Allosaurus has three fingers." (Facts he's absorbed from watching dino documentaries.)

Wha? What? What?!!

I look it up. He's absolutely correct. Allosaurus has three fingers, T-Rex only 2.

Rex of Toy Story is really an Allosaurus! Oh, the scandal! We've been tricked! LOL!




And it took a 7 YO to discover this. I feel so dumb.


PS: BTW, this makes my 101st journal entry. How the heck did I make that many journal entries?!

PPS: Did someone pick up the tab to my sponsorship recently? I discovered late last month that my sponsorship had expired and my Paypal auto-payment was cancelled for whatever reason. When I went to pay, I discovered my sponsor star was back...but no clue how. Anyone want to fess? I want to gratefully thank you! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif