so, i work on the internet and go to wifi spots frequently. Most particularly, the bar, and starbucks. I see quite a bit of older people hanging around, and i guess the "in" thing for them now is texting... wtf. who are they texting?? their grandchildren? other old people? chicks? young dudes? maybe their not even texting, maybe its worse, maybe their.... facebooking. i mean, i have grandparents on facebook, but all they ever post is farmville requests and horoscopes. maybe their pedophiles posing as little girls, maybe their on reading this. am i paranoid? yes. these arent business-associate-old-people wearing suits and ties, these are grandpas with t-shirts that say, "old dudes rock", and grandmas with white hair and reading glasses. if theres one person and message their texting to, i can only hope their texting their will to their lawyers.